• http://www.20B.org SteveTheSquid


  • http://www.20B.org SteveTheSquid

    who else got -10 on scorecard?

    • Billy

      -11 ;o

  • http://www.20B.org SteveTheSquid

    How about 0 STROKES ON LEVEL 27?!?!? HM? who can beat that? I didn’t cheat OR hack!

    • Billy

      0 Stokes on 25 (definately not a bug in the game or anything ;o)

  • jamez82

    the game wack

  • jamez82

    the game wack

  • An 11 year old boy

    the easter egg is his zip code. Think about it…. it has 5 digits and jmtb02 may possibly live in Maine , vermont ,or any other eastern state 

    • ALinktothePresent

      that’s the zip code for Washington, DC

      • Hayzel

        It’s for Llama Adventure, I think..

      • Ragh Bhag


    • Ty the blob of water

      Uh, John lives in California…

    • I reply to one year old posts.

      its the dc zip code

  • FForum


  • Zdf

    level 21 is impossible. i dont care what anyone says. it just is.

  • dr.octagonapuss

    push me! And just touch me!!!!!!!! Untill I get my SATISFACTION!!!!!!!!! :3

  • JH Allen

    A great puzzle game.

  • josh

    Does anyone know what the music for this is called? it’s open source but i can’t find it!! ARGH!

  • CubixIII

    I keep mistaking the restart button with the respawn button. It’s a little annoying.

  • CubixIII

    Level seven: three strokes, par four! :D