Mom: Time to go to bed!
    Me: Just one more level!

    • Coony Fan

      LOL :)

  • etok414

    There should be a this is the only boss level.

  • Bryan Queyrichon

    I’m stuck at stage 6. I need help

  • Ivy

    I’m playing on a mac and I don’t have a right click… can’t pass level seven… I’m torn apart :(


      If its a mac hold ctrl option apple and click

    • isaiah8199

      have two fingers on the trackpad and click the thingy

  • Devilofanger

    Omfg FML mode is mean. I got all the way to stage 29 without knowing that you could color swap by clicking to dodge those dark orbs! Then it still took me forever because 85% of the time the spikes in that level are in places that make it impossible since you are in a narrow maze. Since the walls are invisible there’s no easy way to tell without actually getting to that impossible point. All in all I finished it with over 1000 deaths in over 70 minutes. I think next time tell us the controls! How are we supposed to know that Mellon = Friends in Elvish and to type that in in stage 6 without a walkthrough or looking at the comments?

  • del

    it would be pretty fun if you combined all the levels together so you could play the older stages with new modes

  • awersfd

    crap, i found the easter egg level and now I want to play the game but I can only play in the level 31 :’(

    P.S: I didn’t played the game, I found the easter egg before I played the first stage :’(

    • SwordCat 560

      crap almighty. I found it too.

  • Maia

    Understood stage 5 because of Achievements unlocked :D

  • q

    Level 16?

  • horribleinternetgamer

    sadly, the game lags in level 8 when i enter the door so much its unplayable :(

  • nandhusam


  • Mallouka

    29 for the snake…

  • Coony Fan


    • SwordCat 560


  • SwordCat 560

    SwordCat 560 activate.

    (…But could I have some help with stage 16?)

    • SwordCat 560

      I’d also appreciate it if someone could tell me the secret to the easter egg level.

    • SwordCat 560

      Ah. got that. Opened another window of the same thing, for those who don’t know.

  • SwordCat 560

    Stage 1: Turn the lever and get to the exit.
    Stage 2: Turn the lever to the middle position.
    Stage 3: Turn the lever and get to the exit. (Note: Stronger gravity)
    Stage 4: Grab the lever’s switch and shoot the door by clicking.
    Stage 5: Turn the lever by pressing space and get the pastry to do it.
    Stage 6: Go to the gate and type in ‘friend’.
    Stage 7: Do a right click and click ‘open gate’. (Note: if you use a Mac, it’s control+click.
    Stage 8: I’ll do more later.

  • SwordCat 560

    I am a Zenlike Robot Mammoth! :D

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  • lmmaGuest

    Spam click da elephant on the menu. You’ll go to level 31.

    Do it. Nao.

  • some guest

    cool game. by the way, where is achevement unlocked 3 in this website?

  • rgrognr


  • John

    how do you do level 8 backstage pass

  • Cristian tentu

    i love this game!