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  • Scythe

    I love the handdrawn feel, love the fairylike cursor, love the way coins fly into the top info bar, love the monster info screen in the corner, love the info messages in the other corner, love the pinwheel puzzles, love the cute little bunnies, heck I even love the annoying wasps. This truly is the ultimate Flash platformer.

  • Ally

    Hmm… Stupid, at the least. Extremely amateurish.

    • Chiyomihama

      Ally, I’d like to see you do better.

  • http://Chiliipenguin.webs.com Chiliipenguin

    Hey Ally Your the stupid one!!!!!!!!!!!!! This game is fun and addictive WooHoo You Are totally right Scythe you ROCK John (jmtb02) is AWESOME

  • SuperhyperC

    u notice how ally criticeses all his games?

  • TheKing

    Wonderful! Great adventure and one of the best games of its type (If not the best)

  • http://- hph01

    The Best Game in the Internet! Please, you pick up somewhere the musics, very good the all!

  • http://spikeman.tk Kromblite

    Heh. Garageband. Fun game.

  • CommenterOnAlly’sBitchyness

    Ally’s a putdown..

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  • Fluffie Soldier1288

    … I asked him what that meant. he said “You could describe it as a kind of secret service. only the best get in, and you are one of those.” I was suprised by this, as I never had considered my self espically good at fighting. “will you join the VMET? we pay very well.” said the black fluffie. Not seeing any polite way to say no, and thinking of a nice retirement in the cyan kingdom, I agreed. I should have known not to….

  • Gavin McCormick