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    awesome games

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    ^ ^

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    hi.:)>- 8-x (*)

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    the game is so cool. and all the stupid losers who think itz bad forget it i know where ypu live because i got people like dat so watch you fingers because i can break into into your house and break you fingers.

  • http://jmtb02.com Mz.McKlynzee

    look a winkey face with her tounge out!!!!!!!! ;-}

  • http://jmtb02.com/super-mafia-land/ Laburnum

    For the sandy bit, if you press “A”, you can dig down. :P

  • http://peacepower11.webs.com libs14

    I think the game is prob the best mario-based game ive seen so far, but HOW DO U BEAT THE FRIKIN LEVEL 1 BOSS?!?!

  • http://peacepower11.webs.com libs14

    btw Mz.mcklynzee I agree whoever h8s this game SUCK IT UP WIMPZ!!!

  • win3833

    [yawn] y cant i kill stuf

  • http://sites.google.com/site/brendenworld brenden

    HELLOOO!! he said he’s honoring a childhood game. Super Mafia Land. Super MARIO Land!!!

  • James

    Super Mario + John’s game=BOOOOOM! (The bomb) ^_^

  • lol

    this game is based on super mafia bros which is based on super mario bros

  • Adam Bass

    Super Mario Bros. 2 is like this game.

  • Poop

    How do u beat the lvl 1 boss?

  • #1 Peanuts Fan

    Well I started playing wish me luck on SMB 2 remix aka super mafia land.

  • guest

    2 kill the first boss u muss do what u do in mario bros jump on eggy thing pick up with a and throw at the weird thing and ur a idiot for not figuring out

    • Picten

      You Probally Learned That From Walkthrough, YOU ARE A IDIOT.

  • Goredamarius6

    dis game is stupid

  • Tsza

    mines glitchy 0:

  • pronorst

    ist overwolrd music used in an other game?