Spin Doctor

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  • http://www.milesianmedia.net milesian media


  • meurig


  • http://www.milesianmedia.net milesian media

    Music is awesome though!

  • Ally

    Woahhh… Very colorful.

  • Chandler

    fun but hard

  • weirdo

    I agree fun but hard + I like da music !

  • http://jmtb02.com James

    It’s challenging, but that’s what makes it awesome (the music also rules). I love the old games: they are classic.

  • Shayde

    what do ya expect? zero bass makes teh best music..

  • Dave

    Hi there!

    What is the name of the title song?

  • http://www.toonbossuyt.webs.com toon

    Do you make games for iphone and ipod touch?

  • Max

    I thinki it’s actually pretty easy…VEry fun.
    Epic music too. :D

  • Neo

    spin doctor Is a Weird name… makes me think of surgery

  • http://www.steampowered.com theyoungster

    the ship moves too stupid slow.

  • http://www.twitter.com/pengper pengper

    nice! I am loving this! more more!

  • tas

    what’s the difference between red and blue?

  • http://JustKidding LuLo

    Love it :)

  • Elijah

    Is there an ending to this game???


    Nope. :)

  • Jimmy

    The highest I can get up to is level 21, but that is only because of the lag in this game. Still addicting though. :)