Run Right

Run Right is not available on this site yet.  Play it now on Armor Games!

  • Rachel

    are any of the games available on here?

    • TresLeTrash

      I was wondering the same thing…

    • Joshua Payne

      ExitPath 2 might be the oldest game that isn’t here. Anything older might be accessible here.

  • tim

    there’s a glitch where you can purchase the final upgrades for jumping, lives, and fuel for very cheap if you don’t purchase the ones before it.

    • Something

      Aint no glicth. It’s supposed to do that. If you save up, its cheaper!

  • Mr.GuyPersonMan

    The Title says it all.
    At least, it WOULD if it said: Run right and shoot people.

  • newbzoors

    A couple glitches, a challenge where I had to go 10,000 without collecting a coin wouldnt work at all, no matter how many times I did just that. Also, after purchasing the bicycle and the chain gun, I turned invisible.

  • dee

    There is a glitch where in the last level, the menu screen pops up over the level and the game becomes impossible to finish.

  • kindaspecial

    Please tell me there is somewhere, online, I can listen to this soundtrack. I’m getting kinda tired of playing through the levels again and again just to hear that one awesome guitar riff where it goes all ‘neeoow-now-now-dah-dah-dah-dah-daaaah”. You know the bit I’m talking about, right?

  • I Love Your Games :D

    When I play on AG, the dinosaur has a white block covering it, along with the spikes and the circle things that give you a random thingy from the bar at the bottom… Yknow what I mean, right? BUt theres just… White blocks covering them. Oh, and the same goes for meteors. It’s really annoying… But great game!!

  • Mickey


  • Logan B

    glitch: by replaying san francisco, the other levels get unlocked as if you had completed them.

    • bibbles

      I noticed that too