“Rage Quit – Give Up” Summarizes the Game Nicely

[quote]Gee I wonder why the name of this game is “Give Up.”  The name of this game should be, “Go F*ck Yourself.”  Because that’s whoever made this is saying to every single person that has ever f*cking played it.  Go f*ck yourself thanks for playing my game I f*cking hate you and I hope you f*cking die.

Rage Quit, Rooster Teeth


A few weeks ago I launched a small game called Give Up, which is a game that progressively gets more difficult as each level builds upon the other.  Its a lot of fun to see the reactions of people playing it, but most notable was a wonderful video put out by Rooster Teeth.

Language warning on this video:

Its stuff like this that makes ass-kicking games so fun to make.  While a lot of my games are fairly easy this one we set out to kick your ass on.  Tasselfoot is to thank on the epic level design that ultimate has lead to this video (and of course, the premise of the game, which he envisioned on a bus with me in San Francisco and so lovingly let me pursue).

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  • Essiw

    Some levels were really hard, but it was do-able for me. Had to start again to click on the give up button :P

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joshua-Payne/100000112293889 Joshua Payne

    I played it quite a while ago, but giving up was the one thing I didn’t do.

  • Allan94


  • Toni

    Well, you have to admit, that this game is (as all of john’s games) meant to target casual players. Because honestly, this game is only impossible-(“give up”)-hard for about 50% of the players, for the other half, it will just be painfully-hard and they will beat it.
    I always thought: “Well HERE could have been added another buzz saw.” – “Why is here a save spot?”. So John could have been easily more off an ass, but he wasn’t, which is highly appreciated.

    Having said that, I played trough the game and never clicked that button, and I really liked it. 5/5 stars from me.

    • http://jmtb02.com John Cooney

      There was two major ramp ups, one was around level 22 and the other around level 30. The reason for this was to give breathers and let people have *just* enough downtime to recover and start feeling good about their gameplay again. I have had a lot of angry thoughts about level 30.

      • Essiw

        though level 22 was a lot harder then 30 imo.

  • http://nyan.cat/jazz.html Ititches

    1. When did we get a new website? 2. I’ve been gone a while from the site. 3. Best video ever. 4. I wonder if I could send a letter to Nova and see if he will play this?

  • TheKnifeHoss

    I played it today and i pressed the F*CK YOU button at Floor 31, yep i feel like i 1-UP-ed michael

  • Tricia_the_explosive_flower

    I really like the new game, and the site design!

  • Jon

    Almost… Almost… YES! PROGRESSED TO LEVEL 30! *Suddenly screen scrolls down, so I scroll up.* Ahh, level 30. *Presses accidentally on the give up button* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Fan

    Which games are your next? You wrote you’ll make a tower defense game. When could it be on AG and what are you planning else?

  • Si Yuan Chang

    I have yet to see someone win the game :P

  • Frida_loves_cookies

    Oh, hey Tricia, Itches, Josh. Didn’t even notice the site got back up.

  • http://www.facebook.com/DJ.DaiSho Daisho Embrys

    yep, beat it, took me an hour and 213 deaths, but i freaking beat it =^_^=