• Archkronos

    Peh. American money.

  • Barf

    Played it a couple times already! It’s cool that you’re starting to make edutainment games, but this one is a little repetitive and boring. It does make you think more than TwoThree does, but I still enjoy playing TwoThree better. If this were some kind of “so-and-so out of five stars” thing, I would give it 3 1/2 stars. Fairly good game. Worth playing.

  • http://None Waal

    Weird but it makes you think

  • ravenne

    it okay and a good thinking game but it can get extremely boring

  • SonicDude95

    Really addicting game! I’ll find myself playing this in real life now… Wow, I have no life… Still, awesome game.

  • Ally

    I don’t get the object of the game. All I know is that it has something to do with math and money and I don’t see the point of playing a math game on the computer at home.

  • ericca

    i know how 2 count american money can u.this is a good game for people who need help doing that.

  • http://madworld97.picxo.com Dassi

    ITS OK I would really play again!

  • http://madworld97.picxo.com Dassi

    WOULDNT i mean

  • K

    This is what I do at work. Why would I want t do it during my free time too?

    I guess it’s helpful for kids learning to count though.

  • http://jmtb02.com James

    It helps people who don’t use American currency to work out how they all add up, like when a foreign person gets a job in the U.S.A. and it involves money.

  • fa2444

    Whats the point of the game

  • Chandler


  • Cass


  • 3MealsADay

    honestly, how many levels are there? Seriously, if they are bored enough to play thru the 14th level (like me), or just some landmark, then they should at least get something.

    Nonetheless, great time passer of a game.

  • weirdo

    got bored veeeeeeeeeeeee ry quickly ! not 2 ofend anyone but I didnt really like it !

  • The Z

    A good idea would be to edit the game so it has other currencies, such as Pounds sterling or Euros, in opposite to helping foreigners going to America. I’m not from the USA, so the currency takes a bit of getting used to. Great game though (completed it) very good for maths and mental arithmetic in particular.

  • bexxie xx

    rubbish do one in british pounds

  • Chris

    8/10 4/5 good for my little brother or a foriegn student, but im a math genius XD

    • John

      I’m also a math genius, but I think that it should be only 6.5/10. Better if there was an editor level and instead of a time limit, a gold/silver/bronze medal for accomplishing it within time limits.

  • Jay

    It is a bit boring at the beginning, but if you get a few levels into it, it gets harder. Good if you like a challenge. I’m currently at level 13, and a couple levels ago I had a challenge to get $0.87 with 14 coins. If you’ve got time, it’s easy. It’s hard to do with a time limit.

  • http://s6.zetaboards.com/wowaname wowaname

    Sorry, but it’s not your style, jmtb02. The 3 coins totaling 80 cents got me.

  • http://s6.zetaboards.com/wowaname wowaname

    Damn, now I feel like an idiot. half dollar, quarter, and nickel. Amirite?

  • http://s6.zetaboards.com/wowaname wowaname

    Now I feel like an idiot. Sorry for the cliché.
    I was disregarding the big blue box.

  • PengPer

    :( didnt know the coinage. its american. British Version Please!

  • Alison

    Wow, I feel stupid saying this but it’s one of my favorite games. Makes you think.

  • BLOO

    urg, i was completly lost… not used to amarican money!!
    you should make a setting on which currency

  • http://www.youfail.org/ Unknown

    Great Game! And thanks for the Currency Help Mode,
    I’m used to Euros, since I’m German X.X

  • hotdog

    meh american money… i couldnt play it

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EAUT3BYZTYPHPR7TZPHNADEU4A IanW

    whatever this game is like math but sucks

  • Jsmith

     i liked this game until I found out you have to start right from the start each time you lose

  • http://twitter.com/erwan421 Erwan Rouchet

    click on “CURRENCY HELP MODE” to have help with american money. (i’m french…)

    • polygon


      I’m not French, by the way.

      • http://bubble.w.pw Erwan421

        Bonjour, je te réponds en français mais tu ne comprends rien.
        Google Traduction est cool.

  • Sarah

    Decent game, but I got bored around level 11. It doesn’t seem to get much more difficult after a certain point.

  • zortharg

    Ugh. So I just finished level 14 with 2 minutes on the clock. I see where this is going. It’s not going to end, is it? Just more time, more coins each time, but always more and more time than I’m going to need. And you know what? It actually is EASIER to find solutions when the numbers get bigger, if you have a functional brain, because there ARE more solutions. For pete’s sake, at least use fictitious currency – or maybe POSTAGE STAMPS – so it’s not all small multiples of 5 with the pennies as the exception to make up the remainder modulo 5. It makes it so trivial this way.

    • polygon

      This game was made in 2008 to remind you.