• http://www.milesianmedia.net milesian media

    I like the boss music in this one.

  • http://yahoo.com dunnkidj

    u think its good to

  • Ally

    It’s okay but nowhere near fun.

  • http://jmtb02.com James

    In the previous game you could choose your difficulty. But now you can’t…

  • http://notdoppler aza

    this website has the best action games i have ever played and it also has alot of other games as well and there all goood

  • Reaper3496

    this game fucking rocks

  • G2


  • http://rujufjfjgjg lopper


  • weirdo

    it’s fun seeing da dead bodys ( that’s about all I like in dis game !)

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  • http://jmtb02Studios Raphaelwoopwoop

    Bloody hell this is good!

  • michael

    hehehe i hate this game itz pretty boring

  • Adam Bass

    I lik the main tittle music!!

  • http://jmtb02.com who r u

    hi ho ho ho

  • bob

    its bad

  • http://goodgames it is good as

    itis a cool as game

  • http://www.twitter.com/pengper pengper


    wow brilliant!

  • http://www.dddddddddsss dlsoewisijd1112

    game!! game


    sooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun!soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ironic

  • Jackie!!

    *heh heh this game rocks*

  • http://thedrag's Anonimus

    this game kicks ass

  • garfield

    ROFL! where did you get the idea for this???

  • http://miniclip.com norm

    Original 7/10 this gets a whoping 10/10

  • anisa

    good game love the idea jmtb02

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000522774030 Jonny Knight

    13375! 10/1=100/10

  • Mr_fish

    HOLY CRAP BOSS IS AWESOME!!! i dont like how he looks though… ugly…

  • SniffnInDaKitchn

    As fun as this is I must question the following:
    The angry old man that keeps launching missiles, the people that feel the need to drive around with spikes and mashed potatoes (?) in their truck, the deranged government that thought a laser that DOESN’T EVEN KILL ALIENS was neccesary, and the police that decided locking up Jigsaw in a helicopter launch zone was a good idea.

  • Asain

    this game is a game

  • Facetron

    They should make another one of these! :3

  • somerandomgy

    makes perfect sense

  • Hal

    What’s the menu music?

  • Walt

    That menu music is really epic, may I ask what it’s from?

  • louis le prince

    Music is “Dark Matter” by ZeRo-BaSs