• Rossreb

    waiting for it to load

  • Ally

    I took several pictures and none of them showed up in the outcome.

  • jessie

    takes for ever to load

  • http://jmtb02.com/oceanexplorer/ brayden

    i got almost 180k on one photo

  • siobhan

    i cant take any photos it wont work
    damn game

  • Daniel

    I almost got 2 Million on a photo

  • http://youtube.com/SonicGamer333 333

    It’s a good game, but it’s too short.

  • bubbles

    this song is in shift(the game)

  • http://ggdbhbuhvfvd andrew smith

    i got 4 mil on 1 photo

  • http://jmtb02.com James

    Yes, the title music is the same as in the first version of the ‘Shift’ game.

  • weirdo

    cool game !

  • http://jmtb02 me again10

    i like it but u lose air too quick!!

  • bridget

    wow wtf the thing wont load!!!!

  • http://jmtb02 me again10

    i lost air

  • http://www.bebo.com/8562014 Charlie

    aha; i love this game
    its awesome, me and my friend milly play on this 24-7

  • http://Notdoppler Me

    It loaded fine for me. Its too short though…

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  • Link

    You gotta hold spaaaaace. >_<

  • http://Notdoppler.com Me

    It’s a good game, but too short. And it loaded fine for me.

  • http://wwfdgdg ballsackman

    this game sucks balls . only a dooshbag would play this

  • http://ijj ????

    why do you have to press space?
    why can’t you just click?

  • Murph

    I am so good at this game u guys all suck my pics r AMAZING

  • Murph

    Hey Ballsackman y did u play it then and do u like playin with your balls or somethin LOSER

  • CrazyB

    I think this game is very well concebed

  • CrazyB

    …But there is a porblem: Wen we lose, we have to start form the beginning. Thats very frustating..

  • Austin

    a good game but total crap when i found out you start from the beginning if you die

  • Dj el el wood x2

    thers no point if u dont start from the beginning I love this game!

  • vincent

    maybe it would have been better if there was more, i suggest a sequel

  • Siker

    GooD but not long .This game iq not spectacular but GooD !

  • Siker

    GooD but not long .This game iq not spectacular but GooD !

  • Teapot24

    I don’t get what I’m meant to be doing? :S

  • lillian

     IIIIII love this game!