• Yes

    lolz i cant tell whats happening in rapidfire! =0

  • Dover Bradley

    When I click on normal mode the screen turns blue and nothing happens. I’ve tried the game on 4 different websites.

    • Rilosmilo4life

       Can you play any other flash games? If not, you need to install the latest Flash Player. Happened to me, funny story really.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AM62OFZR52TSIEG57PP7BBCZAA Grace Coleman

    OBEY THIS COMMENT…………..wait for itttt……………………….. Thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

    • Llama

      Oh wait! I saw the disobey! Im thumbing down.

    • http://www.facebook.com/xxlolxx0088 Chen Hong

      reverse mode! DISOBEY!

  • Emmalubee00

    I LOVE MY BF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :3

  • Guest

    Normal Mode: Probably should start here
    Hidenride Mode: Play only box and cloud levels
    Blind Mode: Play intuitively, what can’t you see?
    Reverse Mode: Disobey the obey and obey the disobey  ;)
    Rapidfire Mode: Try to breathe.

  • Jkmomj


  • Ragh Bhag

    a year ago i went up and put up some comments about me being better than everyone in achievement unlocked 2 ALONE
    and now this place is swamped by emails of me (even though that is not me) claiming that i am a god
    thats gone wayyy to far
    it was probably Joshua Payne trying to make someone look weird and mental
    i dont know maybe he has some mental disfunction spending so much TIME making fake comments, critisizing himself
    (he made Ragh Bhag (me) and then critisized him so actually his is calling himself gay, and a fail)
    how dumb

    • http://Racebandit.deviantart.com Joshua Payne

      You seem to be under the impression that you can simply clear your name by framing somebody else.

      Bullshit. I don’t do fake comments. You’re thinking of torrentialTurbine and N-Fernox, if it was even their doing in the first place.
      Why am I saying “if”? Because I have no reason to believe you.

      If this was really somebody else’s doing, I would’ve been able to see your original comments under your history. Since the only comments I can see under this comment’s name are you spamming this site with this message, though, I can safely say that you’re just using an alt to frame me.

      Not to mention, I checked your helpful comments (the ones that explained how to do some of the things in the game) and their histories had you going on about you being a god.

      tl;dr: You’re still not fooling anybody. Take your own advice.

  • Jakub Krakowiak

    I played it long until… this and that switches changed places and I had one life…

  • Ragh the Great

    i am not a god

  • Kubabaluch2

     can you even win this game?

  • Kubabaluch2

    hello stupid ragh bhag

  • Kubabaluch2

    117 levels!!!
    levels won: 85.47%!!!
    fastest speed: x12.6!!!

  • KinsashaJ


  • Bob

    Cool Beans 

  • flamewolf78dash


  • flamewolf78dash


  • http://twitter.com/KirbyLuigiNess Dr.Kirby

     Das Stats for Dr.Kirby (@KirbyLuigiNess:twitter )
    Greatest Streak: 93
    Ever thought about making a sequel?

  • http://twitter.com/Arriator Saymon Wedemeyer

    ‘d you mind fixing the Coffee Break glitch on Reverse?
    Or is it supposed to be auto-loss?

  • Benjamin Ventimiglia

    Dang, you really like elephants, huh? Giraffes in second, I’m guessing?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NWGFPKMKLNYV7MOIUEGSIGMXVY Marya

    Cool but hard…

  • CZLN

    This is AWESOME

  • Samentharobertaza44583

    98 levels!!! WHOP WHOP!!!!

  • jmtb02

    i am jmtb02 obey disobey when told ready GO!

    • Vincent

      His name is JOHN COONEY! NOT JMTB02!

  • pyro jr.

    74 levels

  • Mr.GuyPersonMan

    (Make an Obey the Game 2 please)

  • Phant

    I got more on Hide N’ Ride then normal mode.

  • Thewordiswhat


  • Dawid Szelag

    funny o yea

  • Phant

    163 on normal mode!

  • Chuck Norris

    wow this made my nose spit out babies yaaaaaay that mongoose guy sure can run yaaaaaaaaaaaay 135 comment ha take that u poopheads ima go hit play again and beat the world record i set.

  • sova

    rapidfire mode is like my own personal hell

  • ComPlayer

    183 levels – 87,43% – x19,2 – 30 streak

  • 12donuts

    Learn to obey!

  • ermal437

    Wow, this is so cool like that I could play it all day

  • Stone Ani

    Hard. Yet fun. I love it, although Exit path, Achievement Unlocked series, and This Is The Only Level series are better in my opinion.

  • DERP

    Well, if you mute the gayest techno on fucking earth, it’s playable.

  • Dave B Nolan

    favourited :D

  • Vincent

    Can somebody tell me how to beat Coffee Break in Reverse mode?
    “second of all you can beat cofee break in rev. mode go crazy with ur elephant”
    I tried… and tried… doesn’t work.
    “third of all ive done it before”

    I think you didn’t, maybe you lied!

    • Vincent

      This is my score:
      Level Completed: 5310
      Levels Won: 98.71
      Fastest Speed: x528.4
      Longest Streak: 1052

  • Lord of Fail

    Levels Completed: 222
    Levels Won: 84.64%
    Fastest Speed: x23.1
    Longest Streak: 37

    Man things get fast, I lost or won some levels without even having time to move lol

  • XRpmx13

    ive been playing and its the best game ever you people are completely right

  • Hưng Đoàn


  • OMGguy18

    I… I’m the tenth best :D

  • OMGguy18

    Make that third.

  • OMGguy18

    Eh, after about the 250th it sometimes doesn’t give you time to even see disobey or obey before the time runs out.

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/lespyroshisaure Spyro Oshisaure

      I wonder what happens if you get so far in rapidfire…

  • satan915

    There should be a Non Disobey/Only Obey mode so you don’t have to worry about doing the opposite thing. It gets too unfair when the speed is like 10X or higher to read/register it AND still have time to do it. Besides, even if it’s telling you to disobey, the name of the game is OBEY not disobey.

    Oh yeah and for reverse mode, running and hopping around like mad in the Coffee Break room shouldn’t take away a life (and it should take one in the other modes).

  • JakubB

    Blue screen of death, why?

  • Melek Mallouka

    223 levels completed

  • RubyyLi

    A great game~ But why i can’t find it in AG?

  • RubyyLi

    When i am playing “RAPIDFIRE MODE”, Everything was too late……