Moving, Challenges, Redesigns

As this website moves over to the new host there has been a long list of problems I’m still managing.  One is that this website is far overdue for a redesign (it’s built on a WordPress from 2007) and I’m working on that as well as getting the content moved over to the new host.  There are over 26,000 comments on 300+ posts and on top of that a ton of Flash and other content to move.  The trip is a tricky one; the data conversion will be messy and it will be fun once we’re all set and done.  The new website is built on WordPress 3.4, the latest and greatest.

The goal for the new website is to expand the content and focus on the portfolio.  There’s a LOT of games now.  Back in 2003 when I published my first Flash game it was easy to find and play games.  Now as I approach nearly 90-100 games this content needs to be better organized.  My goal is to make categories and easy-to-get-to content instead of the wall of games.

I also am looking to expand content displayed on the site.  Right now my photography is all but hidden and there’s not a lot of space for the other random things I do. I want to make everything flow and work well together, which is difficult for a website which is currently crippled by PHP issues and in the process of transition.

So for now I trudge on, getting the site ready for year 10 of Flash development.  Cheers!

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      Hopefully John can get some forums running without spambots overrunning the place like last time. What might’ve given them a headstart was the exact same URL the spambots were trained for. blarg.