More Server Issues, Changes

I just had more or less 4 days of downtime for the website.  I just switched from an old host who was having trouble keeping my website online and it caused a lot of headaches (I seem to have really bad luck with hosts).  I’ve moved to a host who prides itself on customer service so we’ll have to hope that the website floats!



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  • Guest

    Good luck with this hoster!

  • Something

    God luck!

  • Essiw

    goodluck with the host :) Any news on a new game? :)

  • Joshua Payne

    This had better not melt within a week.

    • John Cooney

      It might at this rate!

    • Ragh Bhag

      remember me

      • Joshua Payne

        Which Ragh Bhag is this, the god-falseclaiming imposter or the joker trying to make me look like I don’t exist?

  • jaxcheese

    It told me to send a message to, and I promptly received a mailer-daemon message back. Quite frustrating.

    • John Cooney

      Sorry about that, it was setup for a default message-o-failure.

  • Ross

    I was starting to get concerned that it was still down. Hopefully this one is a reasonable price and works well for you.

  • Fred

    Are the forums going to go up again anytime soon?

  • Ititches

    Joy, it seems that everyone left off the comments, where as there used to be 400 comments.

    • clap2times

      I guess it’s because after the site was down for a while they stopped checking, that and John stopped updating…

      I remember when Achiviement Unlocked came out… I think that’s when I started going on his blog, or it may have been after Ball Revamped 5…

      I can’t believe I’ve been following this blog for over 3 years…

      I think he’s forgotten about it :(

      • lolzergrush

        He’s still reading the blog, considering he deleted my comment. I’m a bit surprised, actually…while I did make a negative statement about his last game, I phrased it carefully (and politely) along the lines of “it was great but not as polished as your other work, but considering you were under a deadline to finish before this big move to Kongregate, now I understand why.”

        I didn’t think it was that offensive…after all, nobody looks at their own work as perfect. I meant what I said and stand by it…I figured he felt the same way I did, and might appreciate some honest feedback. If he disagreed, he could have simply ignored it, but I’m pretty disappointed that he felt the need to delete it.

    • Essiw

      But… he doesn’t seem to respond to most comments anyway…

    • kaito1412

      I’m still here occasionally.

  • Campbell Godfrey

    When are you going to make a new game?

  • Campbell Godfrey

    He made a new game! It’s called LOOT:The Game