• vikinx

    Reminds me of One Step Back, where you have to turn back and go through the whole game again.

  • Chris K


  • DarkArchie

    Who here has now been driven insane by that irritating yet so lovable and catchy tune?!?!!?!?

  • smiley

    i hate this game.

  • gameaddict12345

    you suck “orange-peel”. STUPID SONG U IDIOT. and yes i’m irritated by the song, DarkArchie. thx 4 bringing tht up. And to top it all off…………………………………..THIS GAME STINKS

    • Orly


  • Nunyabusiuness

    Woot only 9 deaths!

  • Confused

    @pretty much everyone:
    Maybe there’s something I’m not getting, but if you don’t like this game, why play it?

    • zortharg

      the same reason you watch a bad movie, you don’t know it’s going to suck until you watch it. And you can’t be certain it’s going to suck all the way through until you watch it all the way through. And then you say “$#!+, it indeed sucked all the way through, I wish I had a time machine so I could tell my earlier self that”. And in the case of watching a movie at the movie theater, you REALLY want to do that so you could save the money. Or at least go back to when you were only halfway through it and get yourself back to the box office and demand a refund while you still can. But no, you suffered through the whole thing. But at least you hit the screen with your laser pointer a lot while it was playing. Yes, I’m talking to you, “Scary Movie”.

  • Elijah_the_Mango

    Why is everyone hate this game so much??? I can think of a bunch of other games that you guys like which are exactly like this one. :(

    • John

      Like which games? I agree with you that I don’t know how so many people hate this game, but I don’t know any that are like this. For me, John’s (not me, the creator of that game) games are unique and special.

  • Mocha2007

    I got to level 15 and talked to the magical pig!

  • colin

    8 deaths all the way back , fun game make a second please

  • I am me

    That sucks I cant get past begginning of lvl 3 =(

    • Pie Man

      I completed the game.

  • I am me

    That really sucked could barely move

  • Fishernewman

    lame snuff barf heck dumd catcais idiot snuffy fur

  • Jeff

    Love this game. So frustrating and yet not that impossible

  • DarkArchie

    Who here has now been driven insane by that irritating yet so lovable and catchy tune?!?!!?!?

  • sam

    intresting idea, crappy game

  • The Maverick

    How old is this game really, John?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RSRAO43VOG7YSXNCOD76N5HVCI Josh Payne

      It was made in 2008–


  • Tsamsarah

    LOL. i was stuck on a level so i went through comments and when i looked back i was floating above the line. great game, john.

  • Twizzle Cat

    am i suppose to use my gun to move????

  • jackeloperson

    I got to the magical talking pig, but because I had to move back to read what he said, I shot him first accidentally.

  • Gkaz

    The casings cause so much lag was that really a necessary element?

  • zortharg

    Oh for pete’s sake I got to level 15 and I was shooting to levitate and I guess I shot the magical pig and missed all the text and it wouldn’t show it to me. I’m NOT going to all that trouble again, it was just annoying enough for me to barely tolerate one time through.

  • dawd

    Killed the pig…

  • hi

    i got stuck in the ceiling :D