• http://jmtbo2 : )

    hahahahahahlol this was awesome

  • http://hotmail amykhan

    how long does it take to load oh yay its loaded took about 1000 years to load gosh!

  • http://hotmail amykhan

    wat the heack who would put squished up marsmallows on a horses horn! that is such a retarded game because it looked scary at the start when the guy was talking then hello a unicorn arrives saying oh no my horn fell off and all these other stuff WHAT THE HEAK IS WRONG WITH THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dude

    um…… ok

  • Vatt

    Ahaha, that was hilarious, XD U shouldve put more levels in it, haha XD


  • Elijah

    It’s a good thing that I don’t have a facebook account. :)

  • http://hotmail natalia

    LOL i cant wait till i see all of you on facebook



    the game was very cute i really love it haha

  • Kelly

    the people who don’t like it should relax, it’s just an old april fools joke, yeesh

  • jc3833

    yo wtf i new it wuz gonna b less scary but come on!!!

  • smiley1122

    i love dis game..!!!!!omg soo like coooolll

  • 2BlondieGirl

    this game is so cute and funny

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001839019059 Nooblasgahh Asako

    love it

  • Razan

    it is soo easy yet so (lame) hahahaha

  • Scared guy

    Scared me for life, still seeing a psyc, nightmares about it every night…

  • Sky_queen3_redux

    So, is the

  • Sky_queen3

    (I’ll try again) So, is the third surgery ever coming out? :)

  • jmtb02 games player

    what year is the third surgery coming out?

  • Mocha2007

    GREAT GAME! I liked how you included fluffy!

  • Dean Bigness

    I like the game at the top.

  • jake

    suck my dick

  • jake


  • Matilda8237

    i’m new

  • CheeseDaniels

    Wow… not what I was expecting

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=733692786 Jessica Julia Desborough

    This is scarier then dark cut O.O I was so creeped out xD awesome though <3

  • MihneaRO

    It’s a scary game?

  • Changmike31

    My little cousin likes it! xD He’s a boy. ._.

  • Michael

    fucking unicorn she knew this would happen

  • Exsaviercontreras

    how do i attach the horn??????

  • Ninaababy

    Sooo at the end it says comming april 4th. It never did. Just saying.
    Anyone know why??!!<33333333333333333333333 This game.

  • Twizzle Cat

    how do you attach the horn!!!!!!!!

  • Dominic7789


  • GuestseuG

    I can safely say, this was the first time that i have been creeped out by this

  • Zac

    stupid fuckin’ freaky game this is bloody scary oh shit there oh um i’m ain’t gonna talk a bout it……………….>+ death comes slowly and there nothing u can do about it.                                                                                                                  I

  • Zac

    instead of a star thing i did a poo

  • Zac

    how the fuck do u get a damn cloud??!!!

  • Zac

    move the god damn mouse up and down on the bear

  • Zac

    instead of a love heart can it be a scull and instead of sugar cubes can that be asparagus for the marshmallow turn it into cow tongues

  • Zac

    im harry potter?????????????????????????????????????????????????? bitch?????????????????????????

  • Zac

    how can u break a horn while ur eating?????????? bitch

  • Tashajbailey

    ok then…this was soo scary!!!teddy bears and unicorns!

  • Guest

    Scared me even more than dark cut series

  • Jonathan Liu

    I am scared and creeped out by this game…

  • KubaF2000


    • timurovich

      You’re not the only one, i checked facebook i was so scared lol

  • Demian

    posting in facebook? i dont have facebook <_< great parody :D

  • Ninaa

    this was an awesome game, i wish it had level three……

  • me101

    how many people actually sang along?

  • Emma

    it is lagging like shit to me.

  • Nutchapol_S

    i just close it before its post on facebook
    |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| |