Life Changes

Hi everyone,

Its been a hard month.  Life is shifting in a big way right now, many life-changing events are hitting on all cylinders.

First, the big news.  About a month ago I resigned my post at Armor Games to take on a new adventure at Kongregate.  I will be producing games for Kongregate in San Francisco and will be moving up from Orange County in the next week or so.  This is a big change for me, I’ve been producing content for Armor Games for over eight years and have made many friends and colleagues at Armor.  Armor Games was an amazing company to work for, full of talented and amazing people.  During my time there I produced somewhere around 50-60 games.  I am very thankful for the time I had at Armor and leaving was not an easy choice.  I am taking up a new role (still making games!) at Kongregate and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future.

That said, I am moving!  I’ve lived in Southern California now for a while, but I’m moving back up to Northern California again.  They actually get rain so that’s a bit exciting.  I’ll miss the warm, sunny beaches and always-awesome weather here.  And I’ll miss my friends, but Minecraft servers make it hard to stay too far apart.

Game release!  There is a new game out called Loot! The Game.  It’s currently available on Armor Games.  It features elephant and guns and a trains.  Everything you need for an action-packed, gear-whoring game!  I hope you enjoy it.

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  • Campbell Godfrey

    NOOOOOO! You are leaving armor games?! Thats my favorite website! Kongregate is my second favorite website, but still. I liked loot by the way.

    • Jonathan Liu


  • Guest

    What will happen with your old games?

    • John Cooney

      They will remain on Armor Games.

      • Guest

        Will you post all your old games on Kongregate too now, like LOOT The Game and Epic Combo Redux?

      • John Cooney

        That will be up to Armor Games since its their content.

      • Guest

        What kind of game are you planning this time?

  • Guest


  • storn42

    its sad to see you leave the place you’ve been so long, but i think kong will allow you more freedom and a bigger audience for your games. good luck man.

  • anonymous

    Ants instead of swords, what’s the difference?

  • Me

    minecraft server? can i joIN PleEasE

  • Tricia_the_explosive_flower

    Good luck with your switch!

  • jasonjie88

    Hey John,

    I’m sure you’ll find Kongregate is a giant website. They do a lot of things differently to Armor Games. They allow developers to work with the Unity Engine, a program written in C++ that allows people to make 3D Flash Games. (Though TBH I don’t think that really compares with the Unreal Engine, but that’s just personal opinion.) Even the programming forums are really good. Currently they’re running a Procedurally Generated Graphics Contest, a just-for-fun thing where you draw content entirely out of code only. The result probably would have an impact on future projects. I wish you great success in your future career.

    Good luck.

  • Campbell Godfrey

    My brother likes minecraft, but I don’t really like it.

  • lolzergrush

    Ah, that’s what was going on when you produced Loot. I made a long-ish comment on ArmorGames to the effect that your latest game lacked the same polish of everything you made prior…but it’s certainly understandable considering all the changes you were smack-dab in the middle of.

    I noticed that intermixed with the usual flood of “great game A+++++ more plz” comments, about one in ten people thought that you were using the game to make some sort commentary on the flaws of the action RPG genre. It was still a really cool concept and (as always from you) a brilliant demonstration of how less can be more in game design. It just wasn’t…finished. Considering how consistent you are with your absolutely superb quality of work, it probably just threw everyone off since we of course didn’t know about the changes going on in your personal life.

    Hopefully you can set the record straight after you get settled at Kongregate by producing a more polished version, if you ever get around to it.

  • Red555

    Hi john,Please submit LOOT! The game to Newgrounds,I’m still waiting for it and i hope it will come with achievments :)

  • GLaDOS

    Will you still be able to make sequels to the games you’ve already made, or will the rights to those be owned by Armor Games? (I hope you still can!)

  • Persona

    Ah, I was wondering why this site didn’t get an update so long after Loot came out. Good luck with all the stuff, John!