Idleplex, Coopers Little Adventure Releases

It’s been a couple weeks since the last formal release of Sandbox Hero, but for good reason.  As a small break I decided to produce a couple games and to shake out some of the cobwebs of working on a single project so long.


The first game I released is called Idleplex.  Its my attempt at making a small idle game, in the vein of the Cookie Clickers and Candy Box games.

Getting further in the game accumulates more boards, and more management of upgrades

Getting further in the game accumulates more boards, and more management of upgrades

I approached this game wanting to return to simple game mechanics.  In fact, I considered how simple game mechanics could go, with simple shapes and single-button mechanics controlling everything.  After defining these simple mechanics, I wanted to let the games play themselves, and let the players focus on cultivating a mosaic of these moving pieces.

The final outcome is a large grid of minigames that take over the screen and beg for you to update them over and over and over again.

I hope you enjoy it.

Cooper’s Little Adventure

The second game I released is called Cooper’s Little Adventure.

The day I finished Idleplex I went home and decided to make a game a small game.  I came up with the idea of making very small upgrade game about collecting coins, and when I say small… literally small.  I wanted to challenge myself and try to make the smallest game I could.  I also challenged myself to make a game with UI and upgrades, and make it function as a start to finish game with a story.  The project ended up being 100 pixels by 100 pixels.  Most of my games are about 800 pixels by 500 pixels, so this game is about 2% the usual size.

Cooper's Little Adventure starts out in a cardboard box, as many adventures do

Cooper’s Little Adventure starts out in a cardboard box, as many adventures do

There’s not a lot to say about Cooper’s Little Adventure, just that I really like tiny projects because they really help challenge and inspire other projects.  This was a 3-4 hour project, nothing too serious, just a game developer having fun on a Thursday night.

Thanks to Cooper for letting me use his likeness in this game.


So now back to Sandbox Hero, and who knows what other little projects will poke in!

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  • Essiw

    I wish we could actually buy all those boards, but the lag keeps increasing and the dps doesnt go up anymore…

    Also the cooper game got a lot of complains about being to small, to people complaining you can just click cinema mode :) I gave it an extra star because it is about one of the kongpedians, hoping to see more of games with them.

    • Campbell Godfrey

      I also put my game in cinematic mode.

  • Campbell Godfrey

    The only thing I didn’t like in Idleplex was that my extreme gardening board kept on lagging whenever I opened that board. Besides that, I loved the game and nothing else was lagging. I loved both games. I also loved the music in both games. I could dance to the song in Cooper’s Little Adventure for ages. I enjoyed both games a lot. I love idle games. These two games were good examples of idle games. :D

  • Jimmy Jone

    John, I give up: I can’t figure out how to get the floating dogs/cats on the gardening board as seen in the screenshots. Any tips?

    • John Peterson

      Jimmy those are Kongpanions. You have to unlock them by getting certain achievements. If you don’t have the Dog or the Cat then you can’t get those anymore. But you can get future ones. Check the front page of kongregate, on the scrolling game box.

  • Jojo Rakadan

    Wow, I haven’t checked this site in quite a while.

    By any chance, do you know what’s in your Friend Safari? (Pokemon XY)

  • Therater2

    I can’t believe it!
    The ‘waterfall of games’ he talked about a 11 months ago happened!

  • Redone

    Hey,can you submit your new games to Armor Games?

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  • ghhg67754

    I love
    Idleplex and Coopers Little Adventure Releases