• Juan Francisco Gonzalez Rojas

    Awesome Game!!!!!!
    Cars in game 2359
    Collisions 97
    Lights Switched 639
    Mouse Travelled 179 ft

  • Peter

    i dunno after playing i hate traffic i just wanna smash the cars together haha

  • http://ilovetrafic jimmy

    its a sick kid

  • Lucky

    Rules and Regulations CAN be fun!! :D
    Wonderful game, JIM – came to your site from Bob Ostertag’s in the first place. Cheers.

    Cars In Game: 1389
    Car Collisions: 47
    Lights Switched: 494
    Mouse Travelled: 250 ft

  • Lucky

    sorry – JOHN! – not JIM 8o

  • Ciccia

    dude i love this game! I’ve played i a couple of times and i’m not tired of it yet. i hope you make a sequel to this game! :D

  • Titelo

    I like traffic games! Who want to play more games like this check this page http://tonlinegames.com/tag/traffic-games/ i found here another 9

  • http://jmtb02 805hwt

    i hate this game to all ofyou the like ite

  • Eg_1098

    I like I Hate Traffic better

  • http://badman shane

    i love traffic but hate it all about black gang

  • http://gamefreak killer

    it is a pussie game

  • http://gamefreak killer


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  • Kell

    I don’t really like it, too fast for me. Plus I dislike banjos.:|

  • Boar

    err… i kept having the autos getting points before even crossing the point line

    Point line
    +3 |
    |——-\ |
    | Auto | |
    |——-/ |

  • Boar

    o.o nuuu my ascii art got ruined

  • http://miniclip.com norm

    LIKE (not as much as i hate trafic)

  • Ale Gui29


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sean-Young/100000879210182 Sean Young


  • Tnt457

    gay gay gay gay gay

  • Lala12345

    lol whats up with the facts at least it’s educational now

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  • mememe

    I hate traffic and i love traffic.

    part hate
                      part love
              all fun.

  • Harris.E379

    Great game! Who’s with me!

    • Stalker 101


    • acheivement unlocker


    • acheivement unlocker


  • James Dicks

    fuck yh finally done it it took 30 mins thats 30 mins of my life wasted

  • James Dicks

    now i’m gonna go for a wank over chick with dicks 

  • iceeyes

    Hey John, Do you EVER get a negative comment??!?!?

  • nandhu

    this is not cool i hate traddic is better