Give Up

Give Up is not available on this site yet.  Play it now on Armor Games!

  • Lisa

    The Give Up button was much more fun than winning, but after all that’s the name of the game!

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  • Super Bunny Muffinpants

    Lol rage quit video. Eventually this game gets ridiculously hard.

  • lol

    lololololol too hard

  • potatoe tomaato

    wish i could save

  • adsfasdf

    could someone leave a link to it on armor games?

  • halla

    it was so easy until level 25.!!!!!!! ASHJDASKHBdshbkfsjh

  • Mark

    What incompletech song was used in this game? Anyone know?

  • Nigel

    Beat it on my first try. But over 500 deaths. The 2nd try I wanted to see what would happen if I clicked “Give Up” My face was priceless.

  • zd7777777

    score of 111 on first try and in top 25 percent, nice!

  • Schnicks_NZ

    level 25 on first try with no deaths… nek minute: gives up on level 25…

  • pkrockin

    Omg it was So hard!
    good game btw

  • TheParkor

    Sooooooooo Clooose but i gave up on lvl 33 ;(

  • Awesome

    MADE IT 506 deaths!!!

  • Blaah :P

    I gave up. It was the promise of warm cookies…

  • Jeremy

    I beat it!

  • PuffballKirby


  • Anders

    Bah! Made it to level 30 with less than 100 deaths, died 300 more times, gave up. I watched the walk-through in hopes of seeing what the rest of the game was like. Glad the level designer failed as hard as I did, too bad he gave up on that level too. I still have no idea what the ending is like!

  • Hazzasnake

    Starting to wonder if i should give up on Level 30

  • Hazzasnake

    Finally Gave Up on 32

  • Chris

    Made it, 375 deaths. Final level will haunt my dreams forever. (joke, not actually scary) Great job, John!

  • Kian Shams-Sadighi

    level 33 played over an hour gave up at 1000 deaths :,(

  • my name

    I almost beat it, just ran out of time… SUPER MEAT BOY SKILLS FINALLY CAME IN HANDY :3

  • Mastrangelo0505

    I gave up on level 37. Darn it! I was getting good at it too.

  • taschneide

    Reached level 19, died so many times on that one level alone that the game was getting laggy. Had to give up.

  • ThatPortalGuy

    Reminded me a lot of Exit Path.

  • The Back Doctor

    I got to lv 47 before my little bro pressed the give up button for me :(

  • masta

    great game

  • guest

    There’s only 40 levels, and the last 2 weren’t that hard. If anything the text that shows up is annoying and makes a big deal out of nothing.

  • Stache123

    I’m so surprised how this game was more worth my time than a lot of other things I did in my life! You really know how to reach out to the player!

  • baka

    what happends if you win…..?

  • Man

    Is the lag intentional to make the game harder? Even on my new computer I built last month, there is a SHITTON of lag, which makes it extremely difficult to complete levels.

    • Overlord

      Weird I didn’t have any lag with the exeption of one level, but it wasn’t much.

  • Stormwalker

    I was doing fine….
    and then there was level 36….

  • oscarglo

    I don’t now why gave i up…
    But i do it…

  • maddubstepguy

    god that game was hard but i was good

  • PuffballKirby


  • Elijah_the_Mango

    Omg I was near the last level, but my curiosity got the better of me and I clicked the give up button. :(

  • Campbell Godfrey


  • Ezio Da Firenze Auditore

    Whats the song at the end when you click the give up button?

  • A Name

    Hey, Pewdiepie just made a video playing this game! I got really excited, I was like, “OMG that’s John’s game!” But, yeah, I just thought I’d tell you

  • GAAAH!


  • Overlord

    i beat it pretty tough though :)

  • wesker

    oh…..when i played to level 35……flash error and crashed >____<

  • Name

    the ‘give up’ part is so funny :’) I laugh so much every time hahahahahaha

  • fishpoo

    such a bad game img

  • r6ftvuhyj5dtrf7gyhjui

    took me 3 1/2 hours to beat

  • trollbi

    Victory. I am really stubborn I’d say. Seriously the game is not so difficult, every floor could be finished in 10s if you get the best way.

  • Vincent