Give Up

Give Up is not available on this site yet.  Play it now on Armor Games!

  • Lisa

    The Give Up button was much more fun than winning, but after all that’s the name of the game!

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  • Super Bunny Muffinpants

    Lol rage quit video. Eventually this game gets ridiculously hard.

  • lol

    lololololol too hard

  • potatoe tomaato

    wish i could save

  • adsfasdf

    could someone leave a link to it on armor games?

  • halla

    it was so easy until level 25.!!!!!!! ASHJDASKHBdshbkfsjh

  • Mark

    What incompletech song was used in this game? Anyone know?

  • Nigel

    Beat it on my first try. But over 500 deaths. The 2nd try I wanted to see what would happen if I clicked “Give Up” My face was priceless.

  • zd7777777

    score of 111 on first try and in top 25 percent, nice!

  • Schnicks_NZ

    level 25 on first try with no deaths… nek minute: gives up on level 25…

  • pkrockin

    Omg it was So hard!
    good game btw

  • TheParkor

    Sooooooooo Clooose but i gave up on lvl 33 ;(

  • Awesome

    MADE IT 506 deaths!!!

  • Blaah :P

    I gave up. It was the promise of warm cookies…

  • Jeremy

    I beat it!

  • PuffballKirby


  • Anders

    Bah! Made it to level 30 with less than 100 deaths, died 300 more times, gave up. I watched the walk-through in hopes of seeing what the rest of the game was like. Glad the level designer failed as hard as I did, too bad he gave up on that level too. I still have no idea what the ending is like!

  • Hazzasnake

    Starting to wonder if i should give up on Level 30

  • Hazzasnake

    Finally Gave Up on 32

  • Chris

    Made it, 375 deaths. Final level will haunt my dreams forever. (joke, not actually scary) Great job, John!

  • Kian Shams-Sadighi

    level 33 played over an hour gave up at 1000 deaths :,(

  • my name

    I almost beat it, just ran out of time… SUPER MEAT BOY SKILLS FINALLY CAME IN HANDY :3

  • Mastrangelo0505

    I gave up on level 37. Darn it! I was getting good at it too.

  • taschneide

    Reached level 19, died so many times on that one level alone that the game was getting laggy. Had to give up.

  • ThatPortalGuy

    Reminded me a lot of Exit Path.

  • The Back Doctor

    I got to lv 47 before my little bro pressed the give up button for me :(

  • masta

    great game

  • guest

    There’s only 40 levels, and the last 2 weren’t that hard. If anything the text that shows up is annoying and makes a big deal out of nothing.

  • Stache123

    I’m so surprised how this game was more worth my time than a lot of other things I did in my life! You really know how to reach out to the player!

  • baka

    what happends if you win…..?

  • Man

    Is the lag intentional to make the game harder? Even on my new computer I built last month, there is a SHITTON of lag, which makes it extremely difficult to complete levels.

    • Overlord

      Weird I didn’t have any lag with the exeption of one level, but it wasn’t much.

  • Stormwalker

    I was doing fine….
    and then there was level 36….

  • oscarglo

    I don’t now why gave i up…
    But i do it…

  • maddubstepguy

    god that game was hard but i was good

  • PuffballKirby


  • Elijah_the_Mango

    Omg I was near the last level, but my curiosity got the better of me and I clicked the give up button. :(

  • Campbell Godfrey


  • Ezio Da Firenze Auditore

    Whats the song at the end when you click the give up button?

  • A Name

    Hey, Pewdiepie just made a video playing this game! I got really excited, I was like, “OMG that’s John’s game!” But, yeah, I just thought I’d tell you

  • GAAAH!


  • Overlord

    i beat it pretty tough though :)

  • wesker

    oh…..when i played to level 35……flash error and crashed >____<

  • Name

    the ‘give up’ part is so funny :’) I laugh so much every time hahahahahaha

  • fishpoo

    such a bad game img

  • r6ftvuhyj5dtrf7gyhjui

    took me 3 1/2 hours to beat

  • trollbi

    Victory. I am really stubborn I’d say. Seriously the game is not so difficult, every floor could be finished in 10s if you get the best way.

  • Vincent


  • satan915

    Stupid Hal-9000. It’s funny, but also can be annoying. What doesn’t make sense is how at first it was trying to convince you that you CAN’T do it, but then later, once you get closer to the end and on the last level, it seemed like it was just trying to convince you to give up BEFORE you end up winning, and I don’t like that.
    What should have went down was something like this:

    Second to Last Level: This is your last chance! Give up here or suffer forever in the next level!

    Final Level: *Disables the Give Up button* “Well, you made it to the final level… are you happy? I warned you, I told you how impossible it was, but you never listened. Enjoy being stuck in hell for eternity”.