• http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1428055159 Hannah Hamilton

    In Soviet Russia, giraffe launch you.

    • прохладно

      Эй, ​​смотрите.(Hey,watch it.)

  • I am me

    I cant ge tpast lvl 1 this game REALLY REALLY REALLY sux

    • Marios

      Booh! It is you. I lag too (if it is by lag) but i made it past lvl 1.
      Random Fact:
      In Soviet Russia,lvls get past you.

  • mememe

    i cant beat the omega walrus! i got past blue, but i cant finish green!

    • mememe

      i give up.

  • frootlooplol

    Nice quick game if you have nothing to or if you’re procrastinating (like me)! :3

  • Foo

    GREAT GAME… i just can’t beat green walrus on expert.

  • http://twitter.com/yelowin tslil pearlman

    made it with 15 deaths

    • Pewpewpewcheez

      13. Take that!

  • Russian Official

    MY GIRAFFE HAS SUSTAINED MASSIVE DAMAGE and must restart at nearest checkpoint.

  • Marios

    A Diary Of A Giraffe (Part I)
    Dear Diary,
    I was picked to be launched… That was my lucky day. On my way, rockets
    were launched at forth of me and i had to avoid’em. After one wave of
    rockets, i had got guns… Automated guns… I died at the second wave
    9 times,and that is that god always saves giraffes… And anything else :D


  • Marios

    A Diary Of A Giraffe (Part II)
    …And so i got in space, after 10 deaths. I found walrus
    passing me! Then i decided to get revenge… I avoided his
    rockets till my automated gun killed him. Then,with 1 death
    trying to kill him, i conquered space for russia and myself.
    So, overall, i died 11 times and got resurrected me all
    time (Where did that luck came from?)

    THE END…

    Creator’s note
    All that progress with deaths was all the times i died in the game.
    (In Normal Mode!)

  • Winner

    yea i beated expert mode =)…… with 177 deaths…..

  • Juampz

    Normal mode: 0 deaths

    Expert mode: 30 deaths

    Not bad…

  • Not Phillip

    Don’t blink…

  • Ipbron67

    help!! i can’t beat the walrus!!!!!

  • Firewolf

    how in the world it was in russia 1954!?!

  • Awesome

    24 deaths on first try…  :D pretty good

  • http://www.facebook.com/sam.schneider.925 Sam Schneider

    make the game 10 times longer thoe still a awesome game

  • Anyone

    In Expert mode, i Death 46 times

  • Celestial Being

    LOL. Only here could Canada beat anybody

  • timurovich

    i could get no death if no 2nd stage of WALRUD BOSS FIGHT .. i have 22 deaths

  • The Doctor’s Next Companion


  • RedFireDrgn

    normal mode- 0 deaths

    expert mode- 104 deaths

  • Randy

    rubbish,there is bug that the rocket can’t hit me!