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  • Nico

    for some reason the mac I have is not downloading it properly. It is one downloads, but i cannot get it to work as an application.

  • fusion

    really nice game great creation

  • http://milesianmedia.net/ milesian media

    Really liked the gameplay, especially where it shows you where it will fall.
    I also like Mr. Nuke…

  • http://www.fictionpress.com/~SightSpirit SightSpirit

    It is insanely difficult to aim and keep the aim steady, therefore aking it a whole production trying to find the perfect aim and then holding it.

    Despite that, the game’s design is beautiful. I love how the ground is an aurora. Easily a 4 out of 5! Great first RTS, John!

  • http://minimalbeat.newgrounds.com/ SUPRA

    Review time.

    Goal: Destroy all enemies within 60 seconds. Basic and simple, but I don’t get why there must be a time limit instead of a “quit” button. 8/10
    Controls: Mouse/arrows to aim and shoot, letters Q, W and E to change bunkers and number keys to change weapons. The arrows should be used to move the bunkers, but there’s no movement. 8/10
    Gameplay: The fact that you can’t move the bunkers combined with the limited aim is clearly annoying, as you can’t reach certain enemies. The landscape makes it even worse, as it’s raised/deteriorated with certain weapons, making it impossible to reach enemies. 5/10
    Graphics: Simply beautiful. The landscape is colourful and the background is a space environment. It would be perfect if it wasn’t for the bunkers. 9/10
    Music: The music kinda makes you feel like you’re in outer space. Pretty listenable. 9/10
    Sound: Meh… I just think the sound is okay. 7/10
    Loading: Did that load? Man, I didn’t even noticed! 10/10
    Replay: I decided to replay “Accessories” with this brand-new category. I enjoy playing it again some more time or so, but the feeling fades away with the mediocre gameplay tactics. 7/10
    Difficulty: Once again, the gameplay makes the game more difficult, and sometimes I get confused with the bunker/weapon change letters. 6/10
    Fun: The gameplay and difficulty spoil the fun, but since there’s a campaign mode, I kinda get amused. Plus the fact shooting bunkers down is fun. 7/10
    Overall Score: 76/100
    Conclusion: You didn’t make a new game in some times, and this game is good. Hopefully you will make more of these.

  • Jiesu

    This game was pretty tough, I lost the first campaign at level 8 and couldn’t get past it. I’m confused about multiple bunkers, do they just some times fire a weapon when you’re not controlling them? I ended up just using the other bunkers for things you don’t have to aim and defense because it was a big hassle to try and aim multiple bunkers.

    Later on I stacked 2 bunkers with air support and 1 with EMT and Power Shields, and that trivialized the game.

    I liked the game, for sure, and I was really impressed with the ground wiggle when fire hits it.

  • discdeath

    I don’t know why, but for some reason, I found that I couldn’t change weapon with the number keys, thus meaning that I was forced to do it by clicking on the things, and this was annoying, but as no-one else has had this problem, I shall assume that it is just me. A very good game.

  • redracoon

    level 68! but still trying for 112

  • redracoon

    (sorry for double posting)

    but its TRUE at level 112 it freezes, not enough space for more bunks i assume!

  • Haleigh

    I don’t get it. (I even read the instructions.)

  • tal200


  • Catzrule113

    Hard! (it freezes at lvl 112?)

  • Catzrule113

    I got to lvl 5 and can’t win!

  • http://www.yahoo.com 10! Productions

    this is awsome john!

  • Chandler


  • someone in the street

    this the vest game ever i played!!

  • http://donthaveone A big potato

    Nico, the game was probably made on a windows so when you download it
    it will say that you downloaded a windows application or you do not have permission to run tis program.

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  • bob

    an easy way to get money is to just retry the level you just lost. all your bunkers will have only 1 health, but you should get about 50,000 dollars depending on how long you last.

  • Ally

    It’s very pretty. I just don’t get how you play..

  • http://jmtb02.com James

    Beautiful, spiritual game. I love the terrain, the setting and especially the music. The only thing that confuses me is the gameplay, as I find it hard to switch between bunkers and the time limit is hard to deal with. Other than that, the game is just incredible.

  • weirdo

    love dis game !

  • http://don'thaveoneo.O kyle

    Please add no save option so we can play this at school

  • pigtot99

    i dont get it????????

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  • shadow32451

    I gave up after lvl 16….it’s hard as hell to aim with a laptop

  • BoomBoyE!!

    I Fudgin LOVE THIS GAME… Cant Get Past 14 Though… They R Kickin My Arse !!!

  • LuciusMare

    It might be just me but i cant get past 10 no matter what i do.

  • LuciusMare

    SUPRA: That is the point of the game, so dont rate it low just because you didnt understand it.

  • http://erxgret.com ANONEMUS

    i keep tying. why does there have to be a time limit?

  • boblikespie

    a fun game, but game, but the time limit makes it overly hard. maybe 2 minutes would be better?

  • http://hifhdkgh.com jason

    any hot women wanna have sex

  • headcheese3

    you shold make the pre-game game a game by itself, that would be fun

  • David

    That was an awesome game. I spent like a couple of hours with it and only got to level 13! Very nice and well designed. Absolutely fantastic. Keep it up, this is one of my favorite games!

  • zd7777777

    FIRST! yay

    • hahahahahah

      oh man :(

      • Elijah_the_Mango

        Third :p

  • zd7777777

    FIRST! yay

  • Dean Bigness


  • Yjtjtyjdtyjtjhty

    you are all faggots

    • Cunnirya000


  • …sigh…

    my name says it all…

  • (–={W}=–)

    I want tp play this without time…

  • JH Allen

    I like this game.

  • ross michaud

    unholy? i think you mean unwholy…

  • somerandomgy

    if the creator/s are reading:

    put the loading game thing in every game u make

  • N8

    anybody else destroyed all the blocks on the loading screen twice?