• Selinerachel

    this is asome only 4 seconds wish i do my homework that fast

    • pewpewpewcheez

      I totally agree.

    • bailey


  • Selinerachel

    they use some epic words bobmarrist dont know need a dictionary

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1097033576 Emily Helmsley


    My score is 109 seconds! but i still dont think its a good score. :/
    but keep up the good work john!! :D


    AH GOTS 166 SECS!!

  • http://twitter.com/nonick12345 Igor Yakovlev

    good!game completed!

  • http://twitter.com/nonick12345 Igor Yakovlev


  • slava

    very gooooood game

  • slava

    very goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood game

  • slava

    i’m won this game!

    • Gotcheese2626

      either “I’ve won this game” or “I won” never “i’m won this game!”

  • Mnbgt10

    to easy

    • Gotcheese2626


  • kezza

    I love the four second games four second frenzy is my favourite

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/AmyCurly-Yamhom/100000933345269 AmyCurly Yamhom

      my favorite is four second firestorm!!!! I LOVE 4 SECOND GAMES! SO FUN

      • hhappyduck

        ya,  four second fire storm would be even more fun if it worked

      • Marios

        four second firestorm is already fixed. Go and try!

  • Pizzaboy777

    which came first? frenzy or fury?

    • Marios

      Four second fury came first.

  • http://twitter.com/sakusan0707 酢酸


    • Josiewing

      okay do you like this game i do

  • Joshy18

    135 seconds :D

  • Marios

    Beaten in 158 seconds. I think that is a great score.

    • Travers

      142 noob :p

      • guest

        that’s a bad score, actually, it’s the longer you survive so, you’re the noob

      • Retaliator

        No YOU’RE the noob if you think that’s how the game works. It means you haven’t beaten it. That time is how long it took you to WIN, including beating the boss. Did you even know there was a boss or did you always die before reaching it?

      • Bryan Queyrichon

        99 NOOOOOOOOB !!!

    • furrlong


  • Guest

    My arrow keys wont work in the flash.  :(.  they work everywhere else, but not in flash games.  HELP!!!

  • http://jmtb02.com Burrito773

    I beat it in 244 seconds

  • http://twitter.com/nonick12345 Igor Yakovlev

    lol boss in “sudden death”!
    microgames are easy:-)

  • http://twitter.com/nonick12345 Igor Yakovlev

    boss defeated with 1 life!

  • Gotcheese2626

    this game is stupid

    • AJ Velasco

      NO U

  • Josiewing

    i love this game

    • bailey ramos

      ikr buddy

  • finwinkle1997

    Cool Funny game To xD!

  • SpyplaneU52

    I just noticed, the music is a remix to the Never Ending Story! (For those of you “old” enough to remember that movie)

  • John


  • Campbell Godfrey

    I BEAT IT! in 166 seconds.

  • Rob Kubala

    This game gets me hard

  • Ryan Oneil

    I love this game as much as i love guys

  • bailey ramos

    i beat 157 seconds

  • crspamp

    158 seconds

  • ComputerPlayer

    184 s. !!!!

  • furrlong

    47 second :(

  • furrlong

    98 second

  • Dzuela97•LatinLover™

    440 SECONDS!!!!!!!! HIGH SCORE!!

  • Dzuela97•LatinLover™

    440 seconds, score!! :D

  • Daniel Lopez Herrera

    This is how the master piece started