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  • http://www.gmail.com wertyboy13

    normal mode in 230 cool B-)

  • Brandon Holloway11

    omg i beat sudden death mode with 467 seconds who can beat that

    • Shaankaloti

      i can

      • TheDevilWearsPrada

        379. Your argument is invalid.

  • Bluedragonslaer97

    beat in 205 secons suck on that

  • Brandon Holloway11

    sudden death i beat it 242 seconds wats up

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1404189294 Samantha Brown

    118 endurance :D

    • Marios

      This score is impossible,too. You have lost while playing endurance mode,too!

      • Shutup Mario

        certainly not impossible, I’ve done better than that score.  If you’re smart and you intentionally lose on the games that require you to use all four seconds and plan accordingly you can get this score

  • Kaybo2000

    i finished in 239 seconds on original mode

  • toocool4u

    i did it in 235. HA Kaybo2000!!!!

  • Vincent

    The boss with no teeth has 1 life left

  • FriendsJunkie

    I got 264 on Normal! How do you steal treasure? I never get past that one

    • Sofiespie

      Me neather, so don’t worry 

    • Marios

      Can’t get tru? I will tell you instructions:
      Left:Turn Left
      Right:Turn Right
      Steal the treasure! Don’t let the dragon catch you!

  • toocool4u

    @FriendsJunkie: If you can’t get past the “Steal the treasure”, you should’nt be doing this game!!!! HA!!!!!

  • Gdfgdf

    333 Seconds; ) 

  • Marios

    I won Normal Mode without even losing a life! (Yes, it is able!)

  • BIG.PIMP123

    289 seconds sudden death suck on it

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/AmyCurly-Yamhom/100000933345269 AmyCurly Yamhom

    259 secs on normal mode!!! BEAT THAT THIS GAME IS EASYYY

  • yoba

    239 normal mode this game is brilliant

  • Marios

    Beaten Normal Mode in 225 seconds!
    Beated you all.

  • Marios

     114 seconds? Impossible. Maybe you got these seconds when you lost in endurance mode.

  • http://twitter.com/GleekTord Tord Gleek

    Sudden death. I beat it in 104 seconds.

  • http://www.bonuslevel.org/ Burrito773

    I did the 50 games in 4 hundred seconds!

  • Jake77snake

    242 sec

  • blaster

    255 YA :D

    • N3dsrocks

      246 oh yeah

  • DR2 fanatic

    1 freaking life..

  • Binx

    237 seconds on normal mode (i’m not good at any other mode hahaha lame ik)

  • fuck u

    idiots.. 476 second classic mode so stop thinking your so awesome and cool with your 108 seconds

  • Nun

    wtf its not working!!!


    normal mode 229! what now!

  • Cycokiller

    479 so fuck you

  • Cycokiller

    246 sucks

  • CoolStoryBro. YouWinAPrize?

    Noobs. -______-

  • CoolStoryBro. YouWinAPrize?

    OMFG……Y’all it’s just a game. Play it. Have fun. Quit fighting over your lame ass scores.

  • CoolStoryBro. YouWinAPrize?

    567 :D

  • Jordanglinsek


  • Monkeygirl89

    Hurts brain… *___* But really fun!

  • Tiff Ebrum

    Why must all of you be so rude? It’s just a fun game to pass the time with. And most of your language is vulgar. A young girl is asking to please stop the swearing. Thank you.

    • lkhfads


  • swagpapi

    574 faggets!

  • jake

    238. not too bad if i might say so

  • Choinka

    Stop raging… 27 sec…

  • Choinka

    284 really ;D

  • Paul

    I wish you still made games more like this.

  • banana

    my best so far: 115 seconds…

    i will keep on commenting my best time when i get a new high score so i hope i can be one of those pro people with over four hundred seconds :)

  • banana

    XDXDXD btw just to add on that comment i just made i got 2 seconds on sudden death mode lol

  • Dzuela97•LatinLover™

    483 muahahahahaha!

  • jmtb02s girlfriend

    Beat Endurance in 397 seconds.

  • Nyra

    13 seconds sudden death. Boo yah!!!!