• i luv this game

    i swear this is the best game ive evr played.Its really touching and it was well made.My complements go to jmtb02 studios.the only reason i passed the game(with 7 albatross’ and 3 hawks + 6 other passes)was because i havent played this game in a long time and I was having so much fun i forgot the sheep was at 107 feet.Ive played this before and it was a favorite then and it still is

  • nandhu


  • StormWalker

    John, why move to Kong? You know you liked AG better….

  • Bluewishes

    Love it. Sad it ended so fast..

  • me

    great game

  • http://beta.scratch.mit.edu/users/12donuts/ 12donuts

    This is very soothing. This music sounds a bit familiar… maybe it’s in Paint A Story.

  • Yip

    Wonderful game! I’d love if it were longer or had an unlimited mode.

  • Coony Fan

    MAKE A SECOND ONE, COONY! I don’t want it to end… *cry*

    • Coony Fan

      *Breathe* Okay, here’s a list of the awesome/great/nice things n this game.
      For one, the music is so sad.. nothing could replicate it. Ever. Great job on that. :)/:(

      For another, (I bet most of you didn’t notice this) every time you play the game the sheep’s balloon is a different color.(Scratch that, it changes once you find it too.)

      Finally, It’s one of those games where you… Don’t want it to end.

      A true masterpiece.

      May you rest in my heart.

  • Kevin Lala

    press q. It is the order of Kevin Lala the 1st king of Fun Planet.

  • idk!!!

    Love you John. Still making the best games years after I kinda reached the “age limit” to still be playing flash.

  • Nyra

    An amazing game, with a unique story that really enhances the experience.

  • Nyra

    How do you get a higher score? Being faster? Getting more money? Having more good birds?

  • KristinC

    So touching

  • kat

    that was absolutely adorable. i love birdssss