Exit Path

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  • Ethan55214

    i start it and the logo falls into a loop! >8( RRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGG

  • Codyippo

    what up

  • Jamie Marvel


  • Jamie Marvel

    I can’t get past level 27 :(

  • Hollandkurtez

    i beet it  in 6 min



  • peido

    smell like shit

  • peido

    o popaz e feio

  • peido

    o alexandre é uma lesbica

  • The game

    The game

  • Guest

    Especially if you played exit path 2, this can be seen as a possible future. The sad thing is that in real life the U.S. government is slowly on the path to eventually treating it’s citizens like this. By making more laws and stripping us of our rights in the name of safety or “security”, we may eventually end up like the citizens in this game. Being confined to a single city, and having to follow numerous, strict, and complicated laws at the mercy of deathtraps, security, and a jury, all of which are automated, and possibly even be used as lab rats.

  • le gamer

    creepy as f***. cool game, but creepy as f***.

  • Anonymous

    … THE CAKE EEZ A LIE!!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I like exit path 1 a bit better… it seems like the background is cleaner and the controls are easier to handle

  • Riley Dyer

    you have great games, John. Keep it up!

  • Kidalanna

    I enjoyed this quite a lot~ While the life rewind could take a bit long sometimes and there were a few frustrating parts, it was, over all, very fun. Thank you for designing this game~~

  • TheCakeIsALie

    4 minutes 25 seconds!!!:D i prefer exit path 1 over 2

  • hi

    15:43.07 is my fastest time :D

  • David Coats

    I can’t find signs 28-30 D: