Exit Path 2

Exit Path 2 is not available on this site yet.  Play it now on Armor Games!

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  • Phant

    Much too laggy for me

    • Ele


      • Blue


  • Devilofanger

    Aww what’s with this new requiring payment for premium content Jmtb02? We didn’t have to pay at all for your old games. Are you in desperate need of money or are just looking for a way to make some extra few bucks?

    Well despite fleeing the city in the first game, we start inside it again, or at least a different one that is similar to the first (and even in a house after the first run through, why?).

    We need 12 of the (same?) algorithms on a jury to predict if we are guilty or not instead of just 1? 12 is an even number too, allowing for ties which is why the supreme court has 9 jurors. Despite the fact that if you stop or slow down before entering that part the video camera will not even catch you entering the food chamber, but of course it will still say that you are guilty.

    Ok so we blow up a city. There’s still thousands of cities in one country and, assuming they all have the same kind of regulation as this one, that’s barely a small step in solving the problem.

    • ConfUSED

      true i dont even understand why are we in the house?

    • M@$+3R

      first thing is he starts in an underground city that he escaped to the last one. He was sent up to the city later to find food and sent it down to the underground one.

  • Stone Ani

    I LOVE IT!!!

  • big bad bro

    Hey let’s have an image of the game be the centerpiece of the page you’re taken to when you select it from the games page.

    Then that image just takes you to… the image.

    Beyond retarded. How has he not figured out how stupid that is.. after doing it for years?

  • Tamara

    I wished people still played this… I spent way to much time playing this as a child