Elephant Rave sLoWdOwN Remix

This game is dedicated to those who feel Elephant Rave is too fast. I strive to bring the best quality game to all levels of play.

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  • Martin0499

    this version is better

  • Dude

    Wait, JM, you don’t realize why people liked this?

    I don’t claim to be an expert, but this would probably be pretty awesome to play when you’re high. Just saying.

  • Pie Man


  • Alaster

    thank you
    P.S photo

  • Alex


  • Pratosh Brahmbhatt

    Funny Noses.

  • Guest

    Faster: Can give you seizures.
    Slower: Can give you seizures and nightmares.

  • Nico-du-67

    You are a superstar John, your games are beautiful !!!

  • Nathaniel Rowe

    Oh…my…gawd. How did I die playing this game? :|

  • Dawid Szelag


  • Deimosimpact


  • Moorsey122

    Lol I actually died. :P
    Life. Love. Misunderstanding (and of course funny noses

  • MR. man


  • idomoo

    this is my favourite version ;D

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  • Jonathan

    I actually lost before the clouds showed up. Is that bad?

  • KaorHashinake

    You’ll be going so fast Mother Nature will be all like “SSLLOOOOOOOOWW DOOOOOOWWNN”, and you’ll be like “FUCK YOU!” and kick her in the face with your ENERGY LEGS!

  • nomopo13

    this is satan