• Chrysanthemum

    I noticed the banner was a little game when my shockwave flash failed, since it became white (with an “!” in the middle).
    But it’s not the first time I’ve seen this little trick!

  • Karingnick

    this game was so easy!!!

  • Yungbulll

    it was the easiest!!!

  • Sherbiedog


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Ramadi/1007565982 Adam Ramadi

    mad,super fun,very very good HD and the game is the best [:

  • Deimos747

    …Why do I lose all sense of direction when I play this?

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  • Border_43

    Best thing evar!

  • Voltage



    how do you beat the elephant rave?

    • Ragh the Great

      you dont fail

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joshua-Payne/100000112293889 Joshua Payne

       Avoid ALL the lasers!

  • http://www.usbtips.com/ USBtips

    Good stuff. Im nostalgic for simple games like these. Somehow todays ultra realistic video games have lost much of the charm that all those original platforming games had. 

  • Chadmiller Co


  • Nico-du-67

    In HD !!! Beautiful John. I like elephants :P

  • Alex Popp

    I need a music loop of this

  • guest

    How come you don’t have to jump over lines on the bottom in this one? Instead they just shoot horizontally and you are actually safer not jumping at all since one is never fired at ground level.

  • Xander Clair

    This is so much harder than the non-hd one…

  • josh

    music please????

  • louann1812

    what is the song?

  • eggerz

    Tried to play it on my phone
    Didnt stand a chance lol.

  • Topitoomay


  • Seth Harrison

    After 237 tries I finally beat it! Tell me where the secret is!

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  • J-Swag

    I can’t handle all of these HD’s!

  • Johnyknowhow

    nailed me. D:

  • Mickey

    As the ending screen says, this game is REALLY weird.

  • Deadly

    I love this.

  • satan915

    PSA public service announcement…listen up…. Elephants are your friend not your enemy do not be fooled by the media open your eyes and see for yourself that these noble creatures deserve nothing but the greatest dignity and respect humanity can possibly give them do not be fooled do not give in for you yourself deep inside know the truth trust yourself trust them when will it be love instead of fear?

  • http://greg-net.net/ Gregory Karastergios

    what is the name of the music?