• L0st


    it was very exitin’

    • Sarshas

      this game sucks

    • Sarshas

      this game sucks

  • Ally

    Wow.. Mesmerizing.

  • http://www.yahoo.com Lance


  • http://yahoo.com Kabob34


  • http://jmtb02.com James

    You can literally see the levels beneath the current one. Sweet.

  • Catzrule113

    Didn’t like it. Too confusing.

  • http://kisler.webs.com kisler

    Loved it.

  • http://youtube.com/SonicGamer333 333

    I got stick in a dark blue block, and I’m light blue. I’m waiting to see if it will un-glitch.

  • Person


  • http://www.myspace.com/theaft3reff3ct NE PLUS ULTRA

    i got stuck in the wall… that is not supposed to happen.

  • weirdo

    cool game ! loved it ! I got easily confused because u could see The levels beneath !

  • 3MealsADay

    I like the music in both blue levels

  • llamas

    i was on the 2nd to last level, but when i came down to it from above (for the 10th time) i landed on the other side of the wall. at least i was orange, and orange has a nice soundtrack…

    but its really fun and challenging, but not TOO hard because you can see underneath you and act on a level before you get there.

    its a good game.

  • yeroc

    Fikree needs to put the music out somewhere. He said he would, but didn’t.
    This is a great game to pass time and relax.

  • http://www.freewebs.com/failiure Evan the Blob of Mercury

    elements. confusing, but fun.

  • http://ijj ????

    realy hard i don’t like it.

  • PengPer

    great fun at first but going back and forth like that is a bit boring and somewhat irritating. i love blue music and orange visuals!

  • jonah

    too glitchy! stuck inside the walls!!!

  • http://www.Roblox.com theyoungster

    oh noes! the pan tool is glitched!

  • Tas

    One of my favorite games ever. Seriously.

    9 min. 29 sec. to beat it. Yeah, but it’s fun.

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  • jonah

    how could it cause vertigo?

  • Brooke

    It can jonah. Trust me.

  • ?¿


    • http://twitter.com/GleekTord Tord Gleek


  • smiley

    you can do so much better caus this game sucks.

  • Robot

    My sister has vertigo. Sometimes I call her up just to say ‘hi’.

  • guess just guess

    i got stuck in the wall and  then when out into empty space :(

    • Coincedental J


  • Not Phillip

    lol I got stuck in a wall

  • GOD

    You can do better John…

  • GOD

    Im beginning to think theres no way out. Is there a way to become stuck?

  • Bryan Queyrichon

    I beat the game in 8 minutes and 20 seconds

  • Deimosimpact

    i got stuck inside a block. Twice.

  • Hazza

    glitched out while changin level. stuck in space! *forever alone*

  • Explorer

    It is possible to go into an un-winnable situation in this game. I discovered it accidentally just now.
    Here’s how:
    1. Reach level 20.
    2. Break the blue and cyan bricks in level 20.
    3. Color your ball blue before going to level 21.
    4. Go to level 21, and you’ll get stuck from now on.

    Lvl. 22 has yellow and purple bricks. And to get purple ball you need to break cyan bricks at lvl. 23, and so you need cyan ball from lvl. 20. But lvl. 22 is no way up, so you’re stuck.

  • CubixIII

    Got stuck inside a wall, then suddenly burst out of the whole level when attempting to get in. Lol, now I can’t get back in D:

  • JupiterHeaven

    Jmbt02, What i love about this game is the music that fits to each level and theme. It makes a good feeling, to see the change of colors and music. I also love Ball Revamped series. It have the same elements and feels as i described :) The Feels!


    Drawing under of (Clear sky) and (Dark industry robotics) : Ore you decide people :-O :-D

  • JupiterHeaven

    My drawing did`nt show up. I thy again. :-O :-)

  • JupiterHeaven

    My drawing was some simple paint drawing. Just image something awesome then! :D