• Natashasweeney


  • Natashasweeney


  • Natashasweeney

    what age are you

    • Natashasweeney

      what age are you

  • Natashasweeney

    what age are you

  • Natashasweeney


  • Zima_zizie

    fuck off,,cant play,,

  • ÷RÎpShØçK÷

    Wow, someone’s desperate… B*****

  • Codiemansell

    what up

  • Codiemansell


  • SupaFreak13

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS GAME! Something I always do on the first level when I’m burning on the extraflesh Iwrite things on the leg in burns:) soo much fun…

  • ƒяєggιη’тα¢σℓσνєя ;)

    I love the sight of blood spurtting outta the people *,..,*

  • Drsak1

    i love the musicc

  • http://www.imvu.com Babykay-pink

    hey i am 13 and available

  • LOLyouwish

    LOL im sorry but if your looking for a girlfriend or boyfriend here
    your desprete and prob ugly
    so yeeah ;p

  • Chris

    first mission “and then I took an arrow to the knee”





  • Trevuion

    this gmes is so fucking fun

  • jessica

    gosshhh haha lol all you guys here are like 13 if i played this game when i was your age i would have traumatized hahaha lol guys

  • Alisha

    its a bit difficult but nothing “LOOKING FOR BOYFRIEND”

  • ibtehash

    i need a boy friend

  • nina

    fucking game

  • rangerific

    i will be your girl friend

  • Loll

    Wow it,s anis game

  • Saima Shahzad

    hy baby em looking for a boy friend online

  • britney

    i m 13

  • rakshitha

    dirty game because it is not moving

  • jj


  • thebitch

    THATS so lifeless! Lmfao i posted it on facebook kid you should be ashamed

  • shiann

    I NEED a boyfriend

  • Julio Nunez

    ma nigga you fucking fag looking for girls online Damn fucking hoe

  • ela

    that is stupid yuo now lbi14

  • tania_girl :P

    hi guys…

  • violent wolf

    i like this game

  • violent wolf

    i killed the vampire for the first time

  • justin bieber

    I love him

  • justin bieber

    I just in a friend right now so so so so I love him he is so so cute to me right now so bye so bye I love you Justin bieber$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$???????

  • Jim

    I love that game I want to ply it all day I want to

  • Orin Chris