More Server Issues, Changes

I just had more or less 4 days of downtime for the website.  I just switched from an old host who was having trouble keeping my website online and it caused a lot of headaches (I seem to have really bad luck with hosts).  I’ve moved to a host who prides itself on customer service […]


A New Website

It’s been weeks.  Months even.  But the new website is finally live. It’s been quite a transformation.  My old host had circuit breakers on my site that turned off a bunch of pages when the site got too busy.  As the search for a new host started it turned turned into an even bigger pipe […]

Website Issues

Hi everyone, So my website got a lot of traffic and ended up triggering some circuit-breakers for my hosting.  I am in the process of figuring out how to reset these circuit breakers.  Until then, the content of the site will not be working.  I apologize for this inconvenience; I’m working out a solution that […]

Site Goes Widescreen

Lots of website changes today. has been 728 pixels wide nearly since the beginning.  But due to the ever-increasing width of Flash games the site has expanded to nearly 900px wide.  When I first started making games everyone was making them around 550px wide (the default for Flash).  But now that things keep getting […]

Next Animal Choice Was Made – Sort Of

In a recent poll on the website users voted for an ostrich.  I’m sort of giving you that. It’s an emu.  You might not tell the difference, in which case you can call it an ostrich (it wouldn’t be offended either way).  Emus are way more fun I think. In other news: •  I switched […]

Thanks for Playing

Yesterday the website went pink for April Fools.  The first of April is a time-honoured tradition on this website, last year announcing the First Annual Elephant Game Conference and the previous year announcing Light Cut.  It took me a while to get the butterphant drawn. And as always, thanks for visiting!  Hope you weren’t really […]


…the website’s new skin! [Reload your cache/page if you don't see it] EDIT: Skin has been reverted to original for the end of April Fools :).

Forums Moving House

Attempt number 4 to move the forum off the slow server is underway.  Forums should be restored in 24-48 hours.  So to those who visit daily, thanks for visiting!  Please come back soon.

New Server

Today I switched the site to a new server, for several reasons but mostly due to cost of running (cheaper host, cross your fingers for good service!).  If you’re seeing this you are on the new server. Some minor side effects… any posts made in the past 24 hours are missing (which is not many […]

Happy Roo Day!

Holy crap, you say!  It’s Fourth of July and you are celebrating this guy?!  Of course.  It’s Roo!  Roo Day shares a bit of the festivities of the day.  There’s no rule to holiday overlap, at least according to my research. Previous years of Roo day left ambiguity and people questioning who the hell is […]

And Instead, Some Updates

  I originally posted a topic about a new game mailing list, and then decided that I was being far too boring.  I have instead decided to post about some recent developments. Llama Adventure has all levels completed except for 1, and will undergo testing tomorrow. Like stated above, I’m considering the creation of a […]

Jmtb02 Studios Announces the Elephant Game Conference

In an effort to combat the mass media’s intention to bring down our favourite animal friends, I am proud to announce that Jmtb02 Studios will be sponsoring the first ever Elephant Game Conference, a conference dedicated exclusively to elephant-related gaming. This one day conference will cover all levels of gaming and elephants.  Elephants have a […]