Reddit AMA

This weekend I started an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on popular community and link-sharing website Reddit.  Reddit was super kind and provided me all sorts of questions and I got to answer them!  It was all-around good fun.  Here’s a link if you’re interested. I was really happy and surprised to see so many nice […]


Moving, Challenges, Redesigns

As this website moves over to the new host there has been a long list of problems I’m still managing.  One is that this website is far overdue for a redesign (it’s built on a WordPress from 2007) and I’m working on that as well as getting the content moved over to the new host.  […]

SOPA / PIPA Matters

Today my website went down for about 12 hours to raise awareness of SOPA and PIPA.  While my site is probably not high on the list of places people would expect to see reactions to these two controversial bills, its something that effects what I do greatly and I feel that its incredibly important I […]

Happy Roo Day!

On July 4th we celebrate with fireworks and such, but here we also celebrate Roo Day!   Roo day is a day for best friend Roo, my Best Man in my wedding, the namesake of the Roo Bat in one of my oldest games (Tage Rampage) and official unofficial tester of my iPhone games.  And we […]

Hello 2011

Happy New Year!  Spending the rest of my 2010 just tidying up after the holidays. It’s been a great year… many goals reached and many things learned.  Multiplayer flowed with reality, achievements were completely unlocked, and we beat a few employees along the way.  Did I mention we figured out the muscular coordination of endangered […]

Do You Have Any Questions [Update 3]

I write a lot on this blog but was curious if anyone had any questions.  I get a couple emails a day with random questions about games, development, or whatever… but I thought I would open it up here. Bird eating bread picture unrelated. Edit – July 25 Owen asks: Why do you make some […]

Happy Roo Day!

Every Fourth of July celebrates the birth of the United States.  Among the patriotism and barbecuing we also celebrate another holiday, Roo Day! Today is offically the sixth annual Roo Day (short for Andrew Day) started on July 4, 2005 and continues every year on July 4.  Roo day was conceived out of random website […]

E3, Interviews, Emus

Life is calming down finally, so time for some updates. Went to E3 last week with the Armor Games team.  Above I am checking out some 3D gaming with Gran Turismo 5 on the PS3, and managing to look like something of a dork.  Favourite thing I saw at the conference was the 3DS… pretty […]

General News Bulletin

Let’s do this mullet style: business in the front, party in the back. Exit Path beta was a huge success.  People found a ton of bugs to get sucked out and overall the reception for the game was more than positive (which is always a relief to me).  600 beta testers we’re invited to the […]

Happy Earth Day!

Look, an entire holiday for planet Earth!  I’ll do some extra Earth-y things today. As an only slightly related sidenote, I realized today that the big promo for “Avatar movie on DVD, coming Earth Day!” is a bit off.  Avatar has nothing to do with planet Earth and everything to do with planet Pandora, and […]

Life Updates

Picture above from recent hike in Wildwood Regional Park, click. It’s been long since my last update since I thought I would bullet note life updates. •  Exit Path is still in production.  Single player is wrapping up this week, followed by beta next week (I will post the sign-up form shortly).  Today I got […]