Ball Revamped 5

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  • pppp


  • ONNNa


  • pppp

    just skip from 40 to 91

  • pppp

    F***! dont go see highscores if u dont want be f***ed

  • pppp

    I hate longer fuse and run its so annoying(and i found Achillea

  • ONNNa

    Now You can start

  • ONNNa

    LEVEL 48 ;)

  • ONNNa

    o YEAH :P

  • adam

    i wish br6 comes




    i agree with adam

  • Satan915

    Adan there is a BR6 its been out for awhile its Ball Revamped: Duo made by AsianSpark, although I got to say its not as well done and they probably made it cause people wanted another Ball Revamped. Inless you’re talking about a BR6 (Or Br7) by Jmtb02 in which case I doubt there will be one (or at least for awhile) as he said BR5 was his last when originally BR3: Gemini was supposed to be his last.

  • G.N.Jack

    So easy,and so fun.I like it.But can you make a new game——”Ball Revamped 6″(Developed and progrmmed by jmtb02,Sponsored by Armor Games)?

  • Kubi718

    @Evan the Blob of Mercury

    Actually the background in BR1 changes. But it still sucks balls.

  • Hgfgfgfg


  • Adasdad121

    we want more revamped!!!!1

  • B O T O 8o8

    It just sucks farther.

  • Geraldo

    best game ever.

  • AB

    Just awesome.
    I want more! MOAR!!!!

  • Igor Yakovlev

    exellent!nice game!i want more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • EpicDulzura

    Im waiting in 2011 for a 6th one. Cmon!

  • Lalledull

    This game sucks. I cant get any control of the raibow ball, i die even though im not touching a wall, im just getting close, and that make me die like 100 times. SO frustrating. and if you say “you gotta learn the game” then personally i think it should start so easy, you dont just die 25 times in lvl 2.

    • ???

      its probobly because we played the other games then this one so we know what to do…unlike you…you died 25 times on level 2?? i can get through the first 10 without dying 25 times…

    • Raghav_bhagwat

      thats becuase ur so BAD

    • Ragh Bhag

      ur so bad at this game
      i had 0 deatyhs till level 10-twist

    • Ragh Bhag

      man u r bad

    • Ragh Bhag

      ur so bad at this game
      u doneven wanna no

    • S

      Yikes… Just keep practicing and don’t let Ragh Bagh’s words get you down.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, this game is one of the hardest in the series. I’d recommend starting out with BRII if haven’t played through the series already.

    This game is amazing, even after 3.5 years. I still don’t really like the different pathways between realms (I liked the completely linear gameplay much better), and the advanced collisions system, while it was amazing for its time, is not so great anymore, as Lalledull stated. Otherwise, this is a fun game! I do like the boss, although I’m really not much of a fan of bosses with a specific cycle of attacks (like The Creator from BRIV). I’m looking forward to the next BR game (yes, we know you’re doing something, John!)! It’s been too long.

    • ???

      hardest in the series? play br3 part 2 its by far harder than anything else in the entire series. especialy the final stages. i died over 200 times…

      • SightSpirit / EzloSpirit

        (Didn’t see this reply until now. Wow) Anyway, that is actually my favorite game in the series, so having played it so many times, I find it pretty easy. Even my first time, I didn’t do so horribly (relatively speaking).

        No, the true hardest game in the BR series is the first one. Because the controls and physics are so horrible by today’s standards. (I play it occasionally for kicks, though I’ve only ever beaten it twice. Compared to more than 10 times for every other BR game.)

  • HEY!!

    everything in the user level thing is a rip off.nothing worked.and because of that ido not want a sixth.i don’t care whether you make a sixth or not.

  • Glenn

    There’s ALREADY Ball Revamped 6 out! Didn’t already know?

    • S

      To bad the sensitivity is as bad as that in br1, 2, and 3a/b.

  • Glenn

    I DID IT !!!! I DID IT!!! I completed BR 5!!!!!!!!!! LEVEL 101, THE BOSS BATTLE, HAS BEEN COMPLETED!

  • Glenn

    I DID IT !!!! I DID IT!!! I completed BR 5!!!!!!!!!! LEVEL 101, THE BOSS BATTLE, HAS BEEN COMPLETED!

  • Glenn

    I DID IT !!!! I DID IT!!! I completed BR 5!!!!!!!!!! LEVEL 101, THE BOSS BATTLE, HAS BEEN COMPLETED!

  • Sonicmaster

    The music for the main menu is a great follow-up from BR 4- it makes me wanna join this site!

    • Sonicmaster

      Whoops sorry no such thing as “joining/registering” here

  • JF

    Make a Ball Revamped: Level Pack with thousands of levels.

  • Joseph Armani

    I believe the music of the realms are so good and they’re starting to be my favorite. I like Achillea’s music the most of all realm musics.

  • Joseph Armani

    I wonder if the creator selected normal pictures for realms instead of abstract. I can almost recognize them.

  • Joseph Armani

    Did you know that this game has level editor? I wish they put Arachnis in Amaranthus to make a new way to the last realm.

  • Joseph Armani

    What’s wrong? Longer fuse and run is hard because the ball is slipping everywhere and I don’t know what’s causing this Super Sensitive Situation.

    • S

      It’s the game lagging that causes speed changes if that is what you are talking about. I hate that level.

      • The_Epicness9000

        Yes. To reduce lag, turn down the quality.

  • Daniyalusman

    nice game

  • Jessewatts67

    I think Achillea’s realm background is a tidal wave overcoming a forest (I think John’s been reading the Hunger Games trilogy, as there was a tidal wave as one of the 12 hourly horrors is the 75th Hunger Games), Allium’s is an abandoned factory (Which tiles make up that of an old home surrounded by lush trees O.0), and Amaranthus’ is a dense jungle/forest.

    • S

      I am reading Catching Fire right now.  Thanks for the spoiler…

  • Frequencyanon

    Pretty good, nothing on ball revamped 4 tho. you die before you even touch the walls on some levels 

  • Frequencyanon

    was bare easy as well compared to revamped 4

  • Cherokeeurraca

    REQUEST-Ball Revamped 6 DO IT NOW!

  • thearcadermaster4


  • Ethan

    What is the first world’s name? It has to be a name of some kind of genus, like Eucharis, and Solidago.

  • Calculating Nut

    The Collision Detection is totally messed up… it’s really infuriating. This is especially apparent with the mud power up. If I slooowly approach a wall, the ball will die when it is around 3mm from the wall. It’s as if there is an aura of death surrounding a wall.

    • Phant

      Don’t go near the wall. Problem solved.

  • Edward95

    I’ve beaten the creator’s time!

  • austin

    hey guys ball revamped 6 is here try this game

  • The_Epicness9000


  • The_Epicness9000

    To trigger the boss, get to level 100 (point zero) and collect all 4 power-ups. This will turn your ball into Gemini form. To attack, simply enter the goal. Sometimes, it will leave the screen.
    0-5 damage: Battle is normal.
    6+ damage: Boss flashes red, possibility of triggering a seizure. Also, deadly stars appear from below and rise to the top of the screen.
    11+ damage: Boss, shield, and goal move faster & stars appear faster.
    15 damage: Boss dies.

  • The_Epicness9000

    The game is actually quite easy. (except for level 94 (longer fuse & run!) in-which you have to survive from a moving wall (the reason they put a moving wall was because there was no shooting hazard) until the door explodes, if you die, you will have to retry) Even though there are 101 levels (the 101st one is the boss level) and 11 realms (the 11th one is the boss realm, its name is unknown) you always travel through 6 realms (one path actually has 5, I think, and the boss realm always comes last).

  • Mystery man

    The User Levels Has Broken!!

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