• satan915

    I don’t like how this version doesn’t let you go through all the levels in one run, and that you have to hunt, and possibly memorize, all the ways to go if you want to do those levels. This also makes it hard to get the Completionist achievement in a bad way. There should at least be an “all levels mode” or something where either all the exits take you to the next level, or where there would only be one exit to search for.

    The boss isn’t that good either. I mean, the only boss in the game is a Sword and Shield that has the same attack pattern for the whole battle!? What happened to the boss being a shape? At least Ball Revamped 4 also had a half way boss that did something else.

    To Be Continued… Really? Well in case anyone was wondering, there IS a Ball Revamped 6 (Duo) with 100 levels, and also a part 2 with just 30 levels, but Jmtb02 did NOT make them and they aren’t as good. It’s just the result of a fan wanting another Ball Revamped game, so he made one himself.
    There’s actually some bonus levels for Ball Revamped 3 in a part called “tournament week 1″ too.

  • polygon

    the beginning
    the boss

    I don’t know. I got bored.

    • polygon

      Also, there’s a bug in the level editor that I can go through certain walls.

  • Daniel Andrew

    How do people get to Achillea while Solidago portal blocks it?