New Projects, New Stuffs

Hey everyone! Not dead, as some would suspect.  Just really, really busy with so many various projects (3 games, 2 side projects, and a lot of upcoming news) I released Curl Up and Fly on Kongregate!  Check it out.  Jimp helped out on the art! I’m currently working on an iOS/Android/Flash game for Kongregate.  More […]

Cooper's Little Adventure starts out in a cardboard box, as many adventures do

Idleplex, Coopers Little Adventure Releases

It’s been a couple weeks since the last formal release of Sandbox Hero, but for good reason.  As a small break I decided to produce a couple games and to shake out some of the cobwebs of working on a single project so long. Idleplex The first game I released is called Idleplex.  Its my […]


Sandbox Hero, Kongpanions, and Other Updates

If one thing is certain, I am terrible at updating my website.  I received no less then a dozen emails asking me if I was alive (yes I am).  So if you came back daily for six months looking for an update, sorry :(. There’s several things I’m doing, have done, and in the process […]


Summer. Interviews. Games.

Games. I’m working on a few different projects at once, some at home, some at work.  Its a fun mix of simple and longer titles. Game #1:  Sandbox Hero – This is a game where you pretty much get to make your own game and levels.  Its pretty neat, like a Little Big Planet environment […]


Speaking at Flash Gaming Summit; GDC Week

The Flash game community, regardless of whether their work is Flash, Unity, or wherever they make games now, is a community full of incredible people.  I am proud to be part of it. Flash Gaming Summit and GDC happened a few weeks ago and I’ve been putting off the recap of what happened there.  I’m […]



Super Duck Punch is out!  My first game with Kongregate!  Play it! It’s a game that makes you choose a very important decision:  would you rather fight a hundred duck-sized horses or a one horse-sized duck?  There are also many other decisions you’ll have to make, and once you’ve successfully made those, there are a gamut […]


Flash Gaming Summit, A New Game Soon

Life is still in transition, and happily I can say that there will be a game coming out very, very soon.  Also happening soon is a talk at Flash Gaming Summit about the last 10 years of game development.  I hope there’s an online video to share of my talk.  It has, by any means, been […]


Achievement Unlocked 3 – Nominated Game of the Year has been featuring my work for over 6 years.  They covered some of my earliest work, including the Ball Revamped series when it was just picking up. They have nominated Achievement Unlocked 3 for Puzzle Platformer of the Year!  And its up to a user vote, so if you want to cast one, feel […]


A Fresh Start

A new city, a new home, a new job, a new year, and a new outlook on life. For the first time in a long time I’m on a high for game development and the road ahead. Large projects, bigger ideas, great success and room for failure… all these things are culminating in an energy […]


Life Changes

Hi everyone, Its been a hard month.  Life is shifting in a big way right now, many life-changing events are hitting on all cylinders. First, the big news.  About a month ago I resigned my post at Armor Games to take on a new adventure at Kongregate.  I will be producing games for Kongregate in […]

More Server Issues, Changes

I just had more or less 4 days of downtime for the website.  I just switched from an old host who was having trouble keeping my website online and it caused a lot of headaches (I seem to have really bad luck with hosts).  I’ve moved to a host who prides itself on customer service […]


Reddit AMA

This weekend I started an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on popular community and link-sharing website Reddit.  Reddit was super kind and provided me all sorts of questions and I got to answer them!  It was all-around good fun.  Here’s a link if you’re interested. I was really happy and surprised to see so many nice […]