• http://alex.kimble001@gmail.com MrThorax281

    Disappointing to easily distinguish the real portal among fake ones, just like in other games where the lines inside the real portal is different than the fakes.

  • Niki

    2006 man… good times…

  • Ben

    Nice game, I beat level 101.

  • Ben

    Best score through all 101 levels:

    Time: 996 seconds
    Deaths: 173

    Oh, and how do you get to level 36? When I do 35 it takes me straight to 37.

  • CoLdOwN

    Hey where is the creator’s score for this one? Why wouldn’t it be in this one if there is a creator score in BR 5? BR 1 there wasn’t one either, but maybe you didn’t think to do that since it was the first one.
    It is pretty good, but the final boss has some hard attacks to dodge and its the same thing the whole time; it dosn’t get any harder. It looks like more effort was put into BR 3 than this. BR 5 was revolutionary to the BR series, but the boss wasn’t really that good. Like one guy said, the best BR game would have a BR 5 style gameplay and a gemini style boss. I liked the Gemini music best too.

  • http://www.youtube.com/Kubi718 Kubi718

    WOOT! My score is: 948 time and 144 deaths!

  • MasterF

    John is inspired from Super Smash Bros. series,the final boss is Master Hand (or John Hand,whatever)and final destination is a stage!!!Seems like John played Super Smash Bros. before doing this f*cking good game!

  • Jojo


  • Elijah_the_Mango


    • Z-master


  • http://profiles.google.com/kulboy121 Jonathan Kula


  • http://erwan421.kelio.org/ Erwan421

    very cool ! excellent !

  • Gamer

    I can’t beat lvl 50 bad idea

  • Gamer

    @b8e8b8b18e274511d3c07107fdd16477:disqus Tester beat 89 this game is terrible

  • Anonymous

    level 50 was really annoying

  • Boar


  • Jeff

    Level 90 destroyed me for like 10 minutes. Like many of your otherwise incredible games, needs a mute button BADLY! Rave music is not conducive to concentration.

    • polygon

      And that’s when you realize your computer has a mute button.

  • Guest

    I have nicknamed boss 1 “Pentacannon”

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/CBSWEWDVA7DASWZJAHWQB7TGNI S

      It is something never seen before…. 5 SIDES!!!!!

  • EpicNeonFusion Rulz

    Level 101 = HARD!

  • Joseph Armani

    On the first time I played Ball Revamped IV I got stuck on level 35. But anyway I like it.

  • Boring Link 1337

    code: juice
    level 90!

  • Frequencyanon

    brand – 95

  • John

    I can’t beat level 55. Should really get a ‘skip to next level’ button.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CBSWEWDVA7DASWZJAHWQB7TGNI S


    Level 100′s code is register.

  • confused

    this is so confusing :(

  • lol

    ikr :(

  • confused

    Blah blah blah O_0

  • lala

    ikr :(

  • confused

    hi person !!!!!

  • lol

    its kinda difficult

  • lala

    me too how are you supposed to beat this

  • random

    its easy and difficult all at the same time

  • confused

    hi lol person find who i am in the room

  • lala

    i totally agree

    • emilyly

      hi persom

  • lala

    later people

  • LGR

    Time : 789seconds
    Deaths : 57deaths

  • Bryan Queyrichon

    time : 564 seconds
    deaths : 32 deaths

  • Phant

    F*cking level 55… I exploded the door only to get shot by a laser.

  • mahashamnu

    what a cool games

  • mahashamnu


  • KirbyRider

    The controls are a bit slippery, but I still like this.

  • satan915

    This one is very well done aside from the boss at the end. It’s has a tricky attack combo but doesn’t ever get any harder or penalize you for dieing at all, since you get enough time to recover and get into position for when it brings the goal onto the field. Oh and, it’s definitely ripped off from Master Hand.
    Still, it’s probably better than Ball Revamped 5, and possibly 2 and 3 (the first was was the worst, obviously).

  • http://www.youareanidiot.org/ Joseph Hansell

    Tool assisted speedrun please