• Z-master

    I love the ball. It is a fun game. I like how you used stuff like “The Abyss” and “The Core” for realm names intead of gibberish.

    • Adamnageye

      it is the best

    • Z-master

      good aint it


      1:I GOT AN A* :O
      2. the abyss has awesome music

  • Ally

    Excellent job, I’m finally impressed. You changed the ball and it looks better, you changed the overall atmosphere of the game and that is also a great change, and you made a great choice of music. I recognized that Garageband loop. This is my favorite of the ball games so far.
    The only thing that this game needs in order to be perfect is a save feature. I mean really, do you seriously think people are going to sit at the computer for an hour or more trying to complete the whole game at one time?

    • satan915

      It doesn’t take an hour in less you’re dieing like crazy. You should be able to do it in 15 minutes to half an hour, which is pretty standard for most flash games. If you’re good you can even do it below 10 minutes.

      Ball revamped 5 has got a save feature though, and that was out when you made this comment lol. Only thing about online save features that don’t make use of online accounts though, is that if you clear your internet cookies (you occasionally should to keep your PC clean and such), the save data is lost.
      Be thankful it’s not like Super Mario Bros 3.

  • Immi

    Cool game, but it gets pretty hard!

  • macosten

    I have completed all f the bosses in the BR series, and this one has the hardest boss

  • me

    does anyone know the name of the loop for the song of the first realm in this game? it’s been stuck in my head for a very long time.

    • anon

      Leven 1

      The Day We Met for Coffee – Osunlade

      • anon

        SORRY i mean LEVEL 1

  • hotsauceeater

    I love the “Final Boss” music. I don’t prefer the “adventure” type levels. I like the ones with the fixed screen. At any rate I hope he comes out with Ball Revamped 7 and one in 3 demensions!

  • http://www.msn.com sam

    its hard dont ya think

  • http://jmtb02.com James

    Great game, apart from the typo of ‘defintiely’ (definitely) at the start.

  • Geoff

    it 2 hard! :*(

  • Jonathan

    what’s that song on the first world when you click start on the menu?

  • Mr. Briggs

    1829 and 1511 deaths, all because of the extraordinary frame rate (I’d say 65 to 70 Hz.) It really makes that boss level 147 unplayable…

  • AustinOnSugar

    Were it not for the two last “Plateau” levels, this game would be perfect. It takes the whole Ball Revamped series so far & combines it into one fantastic game! Much simpler background design than Andromeda, & definately better level design. “The End” is the best string of Bosses to date (apart from Synergy), & the game itself left me satisfied.

  • http://www.dffdggfhfg.com waltman

    discription:part B of the Ball Revamped Three.Now you play In gemini.

  • http://na MnM

    well i barely beat the game. really hard but also very fun

  • http://www.jmbt02.com da shroom

    it’s far to sensitive!it’s practically impossible with it being so impossible! i died 50 times on the 3 lvl!

  • http://www.jmbt02.com da shroom

    a correction
    “it’s practically impossible with it being so sensitive!”

  • http://www.robsreviews.webs.com rfitzger

    God the boss is near impossible, but great game, well better than Andromeda. Keep up the good work!

  • justjake274

    I NEED to know the Transformational boss theme, the one that changes into Squaria, and Triangula, and fires spikes.

    Tis an awesome game, along with the rest :’D

  • Mirakle B.

    What’s the music at the end called, and where would I be able to find it? Just curious.

  • http://jmtb02.com/ballrevamped3a/ CoLdOwN

    Woot once again!! I beat the creators score!! But only got a B+ ? Thats odd. Cause I remember you could get 100% in ball revamped 2 without even beating or getting that close to the creators score. In Part 1 of this the lettering is based off of the creators score, being an A+ probably. But in this it seems likes his score is based off of C or C+. Oh well this game has the best stream of bosses and music of the ball revamped series 1-6 ill give you that. My score: 45050 authentication code: a48634251briii35bef21995 Plz come out with a BR7!!!!!!!!!! and make your score really hard to beat!! I’ve beaten all your high scores so far :)

  • SuperhyperC

    4 some unknown reason i always play this 1 before the other br3 :P

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/FirecartoonMusicTV FirecartoonMusicTV

    The gravity’s weird. Kinda funny huh?

  • http://www.freewebs.com/failiure Evan the Blob of Mercury

    four bosses in a row

  • http://www.roblox.com/ ballrevampedfan898999

    yay i beat this game :)

  • brad

    The game is hard because the controls are too touchy

    • The_Epicness9000

      The reason the controls are too touchy is because you have an oversensitive keyboard, brad.

      • asnb13

        Well for me it was always because the game played too smooth. It never had a slow playspeed and the ball was way too reactive to my inputs.

        If Jmtb02 could remake the games with the ball operating at a slower speed that would just be grande.

      • satan915

        Actually, it’s probably because this game was meant for older computers because of how old it is. Ball Revamped 2 definitely has a problem of being too fast on newer computers. You can use this program called CPU killer to slow down your PC.

  • luigi95

    131800, i lose experience, or my computer is more faster ???

  • http://jmtb02 ren

    it’s been on this website, and on ball revamped.it just seems this game gets better and better.I really hpoe that john gets ball revamped 5.

  • Empty

    I’m sorry to say, this game lacks difficulty levels. Had there been a normal mode I’d most probably liked the game as a whole, but as it is now I just can’t stand the jumpy gravity and up motions.

  • http://jmtb02 Telamon

    I BEAT THE WHOLE GAME!!!!!!!! It was not hard at all!

  • Kimonio

    I mean really, do you seriously think people are going to sit at the computer for an hour or more trying to complete the whole game at one time?

    That’s what I did at school. o_O

    And yeah, this series is addicting. First one is my enemy, though. >_>

  • make BR6

    wow. is it just me or did my computer spped up a ton? The last time i did this there was a 10 second gap on red spikes in the trasformation boss. The missiles also used to be a lot slower. My controls are annoyingly sensitive as well.

  • http://JMTB02 MrThorax281

    I used to play this series four years ago, and I easily beat the games. Now, I lost it.

  • James


  • Tyrik

    Pretty good game.Not impossible but it is very hard and this is where skilled Ball revamoed players play Ball revamped.I wonder if people put a petition for ball revamped six.

  • Emanrseu

    The music on the first level is so good that almost every day I put this game, pause on the 1st level and just listen to it.

    A brilliant game in every way.

  • CoLdOwN

    Heh I got a newer and faster system now (which makes these games at least 5x harder because of how fast it is) but I am playing this game again cause BR games are fun and this might be my favorite one. Probably because it was intended to be the last one so he put fourth all of his effort to make it the best he could think of (there’s more because people begged him to make more so maybe he didn’t feel motivated enough to make them as good and also may have used up his last good ideas in this one). I actually just figured out that on the levels where you face the triangle boss, you can actually go THROUGH the triangles and go straight to your goal without having to worry about the laser beams and going around them withot getting hurt! Glitch? Or intended? And maybe this is just me but I think its easier when the ball boss is trying to lock onto you rather than shooting lots of missiles at you. So why are the lock-on levels last? Oh well, great game play, graphics, music and bosses!

    AND PLEASE NOTE: If a new BR is made please make it so its not insanely fast on newer computers! Or a change speed option would be nice so all systems can support it.

  • CoLdOwN

    375 levels? Ok lets take a second. Br 1 has 101 levels, BR 2 has 125 levels, and BR 3 has 160 levels (70 in Andromeda and 90 in Gemini). Do the math! 101+125+160=386 levels! There are 386 levels in BR 1, 2 and 3 combined you were off by 11!
    Also while I’m on this topic if anyone was wondering, BR 4 has 101 levels and BR 5 also has 101 levels and 386+101+101=588 so Jmtb02 made 588 BR levels! BR 6 was not made by him but I think it had 101 levels as well. 588+101=689 BR levels in total! It could have had 100 levels so don’t say that I’m wrong but I think BR 6 had 101 levels.

    • The_Epicness9000


  • CoLdOwN

    About the level total I calculated, I remember I played this 10 level tournament thing that was open at 1 point but I don’t know if I would count that as an official BR game. I don’t even think you can play it anymore. But 689+10=699 levels. There MIGHT have been a round 2 of the tournament, but I don’t think I played it.

  • CoLdOwN

    Hardest BR game that you made. Mainly because it is the hardest one to beat your score in, but also the bosses are hardest and take the longest in this one I think. Why didn’t you have a score for BR 1 and BR 4? Is it because you were too embarassed that you couldn’t get a good score for them? Judging by your scores for BR 2, 3s, and 5, you shouldn’t have had a problem getting a good score for BR 1 and BR 4.

  • Elijah_the_Mango

    I got a D- Yay ME!

  • Fluffie Soldier1288

    …when i entered the Sargent office, i saw a fluffie i had never seen before. He was pure black. the Sargent began to speak, but the black fluffie talked over him, which surprised me. Only very important, or very stupid people talked over the Sargent. he said “welcome 1288. My name is fluffie zacarus. I am the leader of the fluffie VSET… 

  • Z1

    Fun, but hard. Some of the later levels are downright sadistic…….

  • Robertommarrcc

    The final scene (when you beat the boss) caused me a headache. But I like it

  • Jennastronach


  • easymode warrior

    I remember when this game went 2x slower. Seriously, old comp it was nice and easy, on vista it’s double speed. Hey Cooney, hurry up and update the game engine. On the other hand struggling through the multicolor levels makes me feel like a kid again.

    • satan915

      CPU Killer might help.

  • The_Epicness9000

    Wow I got an F YAY ME!


    For goodness sake Jmtb02 release a OST of all the ball revamped games!


    nice man nice

  • Joseph Hansell

    You can go through the boss in triangle mode