• Fluffy soldier1288

    The day when this tale started was normal enough. All the kingdoms were fine. I was spending my days training in the orange kingdom, attacking dummys and dogeing coconuts. but then the fluffie seargent called me into his office…

  • Luigi95

    now i got 36750 xD thanks to my slow computer

  • The_Epicness9000

    Epic fast-action boss!

  • The_Epicness9000

    Grade: F
    Score: 320100

  • The_Epicness9000


  • The_Epicness9000

  • The_Epicness9000


  • The_Epicness9000


  • subterfuge

    love this game and the others in the series, so addictive, great music also, is it possible to download these songs?

  • satan915

    I think it’s about time you actually combined Andromeda and Gemini together into one Ball Revamped 3 game. It wouldn’t be too long, about the same length as Ball Revamped 4. I don’t like how Gemini starts out on level 71 either. Just combine your 2 scores for both parts together for that to be the “creator’s score” and base the grading off of that.
    Oh and the Jellyfish in this part are really annoying! They don’t even reset if you die! It should be possible to get past them without waiting at all if you move quickly.

  • pcgamer

    I’ve got D-