By request, I have put up all my older Flash files to view and watch. The archives completes nearly 99% of the Flash I have ever done over the past few years.

I like looking back at my older projects, some dating back to school, and seeing how far things have come. Some of these games and animations are incredibly silly or out there but maybe they’ll give you some form on entertainment. I sadly have not have time to create individual pages for these Flash files, but I have direct linked to all of them.

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  • Mocha2007


    • Myself

      MOCHA YOU MONSTER! I will stop you from taking over this site And will stop you from destroying the world with Fluffy! (oh yeah: WHO THE HECK IS FLUFFY?!?!?!?)

      • Ian528


      • Jessewatts67

        I know who is Fluffy!

      • Jessewatts67

        No, no you don’t

  • Mocha2007


  • Myself

    I will NEVER LET YOU1!

  • Oi


  • max


  • Keru

    Please, jmtb02, please tell me: What in the world is Mitexas supposed to be? I like the music, and the animation, what there is of it, is interesting… But *what is it*?

    • Foo

      my best guess is that its one of his (many?) unfinished projects.

  • ExplosionsHurt

    awww… I wanna see the end of Grey!

  • ExplosionsHurt

    Where can I  buy a sonic toothbrush?

    • DoctorWhoFan

      I don’t know. Ask the doctor

  • guilherme

     have fun malaima aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • joe brooke


  • Anonymous


    Notice how the swf for Mitexas is “mitexas1.swf”.

    I’m pretty sure that Mitexas was meant to be a multiple part animation!

  • Jessewatts67

    What the crap is Mox supposed to be

  • joe brooke

    How can u download splash4 its so awsome!!!!!!!!

  • http://OHAI.CV/ Who Am I???

    Practicly, Splash3 is a part of Splash4

  • Calculating Nut

    I can’t play any of the games. The left and right arrow keys move on to the next game instead of controlling the currently selected one. :(

  • John

    Can you somehow fix the left and right keys switching the viewed movie or game to not do that? Its hard to play old ball revamped games with it.

  • ghhg67754

    Can’t play!

  • ghhg67754

    3D lamp works :( I tried