IMG_5147Hey there!  My name is John and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I mostly make games but I also love photography.

I was raised in Northern California where I was addicted to making things.  A box of Legos turned into an obsession with computer art and design, which turned into a fascination of interaction and human interactions with technology.  By high school I was publishing my first games to the Internet.  At the same time I found a love of mountain biking, so much so that I took the AOL Screenname, jmtb02 (John Mountain Bike 2002).  It became my mark.

I am a proud graduate of UC Davis, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Technocultural Studies.  In Davis I was inspired to pursue a career in traditional 2D animation but soon took to more interactive design, with game design continuing to take precedent.  By the end of college I owned my own business and was producing internet and game design under my company, JMTB02 Studios.  It paid for college and the bills.  My major client was Armor Games, a small game company seeking creative content for their site.  After college they offered me a job in Southern California where I could pursue seemingly open-ended game design, a dream job.

Orange County is certainly a different place but I have found home here.  I married my girlfriend of six years and merged our two cats, Muffin and Bagel, together under one roof.

I found a passion for cycling, running, and surf.  I rode my first century (100 mile) ride in 2011 and ran my first marathon in 2012.  I learned to surf and found myself at the beach at all hours, driving as fast as Southern California traffic allowed to get to the coast.

When there is actual downtime I enjoy rock climbing, video and tabletop gaming.

In 2012 I switched gears, moving back to the San Francisco Bay Area.  I joined up with Kongregate, a great, supportive place for game developers, their players, and everyone in-between.  I’m working on both mobile and web content.

Want to know about my game design?  Or perhaps about my photographyContact me?