• Ally

    WAY too easy! All you have to do is hold down the space bar and move up and down the screen. It automatically defeats all enemy planes. Plus, I don’t think the game ever even ends!

  • http://none Josh

    I beat it. It get a little hard.

  • conor

    it’s really quite a good game i think, i rly love the music!

  • meurig

    objective 5: the aim is crap

  • meurig

    this game is FUCKINGG gay mission 5 the lag is crap. Design a better game, this ones crap. I am a huge fan of ur game but that one is shit.

  • Escudo

    Tests your reflex, I enjoyed it ^^

  • http://rhjwrtjuwrtw matt

    it taught me a lot of things like if you park your helicopter in the wrong place it explodes AND if even fly it through thin air it explodse as well! well thnx john for teaching me some valuble lessons=)

    now seriosly john this sucked, your at the top and if you wanna stay there you gotta impress me and frankly so far youve sucked real bad. you keep this up and youre site will be as viseted as bubble box!

  • zack

    not bad.. could use some work but still pretty good time waster.

  • http://jmtb02.com bryan

    im starting to play this game.Im sort of excited

  • alexx

    i luv this gamee ;) the lag on mission 5 is a bit crap tho..
    gr8 game tho!!

  • saicotic

    meurig, news flash, gay is NOT synonomous with stupid, crappy, or weird. say that’s it stupid, crappy or weird, since gay means something DIFFERENT, dumbass.

  • Shane

    Great game! I don’t have trouble at all, though it is hard, it takes a full 5 minutes to beat it -_- Without losing of course

  • Peter

    sweet game like the concept and different activities,and of course the guitar riffing music

  • Kevin

    “Ally Says:
    WAY too easy! All you have to do is hold down the space bar and move up and down the screen. It automatically defeats all enemy planes. Plus, I don’t think the game ever even ends!”

    Um Ally, you probably didn’t notice the timer on the upper-righthand corner that is set to 30 seconds. 30 seconds is a long way from forever. :P

  • monkeysicle

    beastious game…keep up tha good work john

  • Mr.bob

    Don’t be a stuck up little kidd. (at Meurig)

  • ballsuckingcommenter

    This game sucks ballz.

  • http://n/a Blue

    does it actually take 5 min to load? cus I think mine does.

  • http://www.twitter.com/pengper pengper

    not one of your best, J.

    I gots to level 5, need a real mouse! touch pad never works on games…

  • http://www.freewebs.com/failiure Evan the Blob of Mercury

    This stinks. What do i do on 8?

  • daniel

    Not really your best game. Objective one was kinda easy, but objective two was impossible. one millimeter out of the landing aread and BOOM! EXPLOSION! Incredibly frustrating.

  • sakanak

    is the music from bleach

  • sakanak

    where can i found the menu music

  • Elijah

    I managed to beat it after a while. After I beat the 5th level, which lags too much, the rest were easy. :)

  • CommenterCommentingOnWhatBallSuckingCommenterCommented

    ballsuckingcommenter Says:”This game sucks ballz.”
    hahahhaahaha…no it doesn’t..

  • Chris K

    This is really underrated…

  • cookingboy3

    I think I broke my fingers on level 7.

  • http://www.20B.org Stevethesquid


  • http://www.20B.org Stevethesquid


  • PunkPhantom

    how do you beat objective 9? plz tell me :( 

  • Jeff

    Absolutely HATE the way the guy shoots from his right hip instead of directly in front of himself. You have to aim slightly to the left, and it makes it damn near impossible

    • ifuck4free

      thats what got pissed off about

  • ifuck4free

    holy fucking shit the shooter level was fucking hard just like my dick right now….

  • ifuck4free

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    • Baileebear

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      • Campbell Godfrey

        OH NO :P

    • Dylan

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  • joshy20

    objective 5 is especially frustrating. the gun always aims to one side of the mouse cursor.